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March '05

31 / MAR / 05 Ė Change is a cominí, but firstÖ

Howdy folks. Two things of note today. First off is a little pic I made up.

This is a sort of caricature of myself that I made to add to my bio page. I also think Iím going to shrink this sucka down and have it replace the GT logo that you see at the beginning of each dayís blog entry.

Iíve asked a couple of people, without telling them what it was supposed to be, what they thought of the sketch when it was still just pencils. Here were their responses;

My friend Ken said, and Iím paraphrasing here because I canít remember the exact words he used, that "It looked like a rugged, and surly type person. Someone who is bitter and haunted by a past filled with darkness, disappointment and pain. Heís not ready to snapÖyetÖbut heís given up on life and just wants to be left alone. Either that or it looks like James Woods."

Or something like that. I can sort of see the where heís coming with the first part, but I donít see the James Woods thing. Maybe Willem DafoeÖanyway, when I told him it was supposed to be tooned up version of me he asked me if I even bothered looking in a mirror when I was drawing it. Thatís when I left the room swearing under my breath.

When I tried the same thing with my buddy Travis he told me, and once again this isnít a direct quote, "It looks like a more detailed version of Noname."

Now this comment I thought had promise because Noname is visually based after me to begin with. So when I explained to him that it was my attempt at a stylized version of myself I expected him to give me some sort of "Ahh, I get it now!" look. Instead he gave me the same sort of look he always gives me when I say something rather moronic. I get that look a lot. I hate that look.

So then I left that room swearing under my breath. Once I left the room though I realized that I just stormed out of the lab I work in, so I had to turn right around and go back. Which of course earned me yet another "Youíre a moron" look from Travis.

Anyway, if it doesnít look all that much like me, I still like it, and I rarely like anything I draw. Plus it was a good chance to try a different drawing, and colouring style for a change.

In "the business" we call that a "segue"Ö

And speaking of change, Iíve been contemplating something for a while now, and I figured itís time that I shared it with yíall.

Iíve been doing this site for a couple months now and in that time Iíve received some very positive feedback, as well as garnering a small, but loyal viewership. Plus I feel that creating and maintaining this site has really helped me improve my artistic chops. Iíve been able to watch my meager abilities develop intoÖuhÖslightly less meager abilities. And on top of all that, itís also been a blast! Granted at times itís also been frustrating, painful, and infuriating, but you know, in a fun way.

However, I canít help but think that I might be excluding a certain audience base because of my siteís material. Granted when it comes to the overall content of the web, the subject matter I tend to tackle in my blog entries and strips isnít all that harsh, but itís also far from being something that the comic strip syndicates would gladly embrace.

Which is exactly the reason why Iíve been thinking of making a few subtle changes to the site in the next month or so. Nothing major! Just a few tweaks here and there that might help the site give off a slightly more widely accepted type of vibe.

Now before anyone gets upset about this idea please just wait until you actually see the changes first before you rush to any rash judgements. Then, once youíve taken them all in with an open mind, you can feel free to let me know what you think about the siteís new direction. Just give it a shot first! Thatís all I ask.

Well Iíve got some work to do in order to make way for some of the changes, so I guess I should wrap this up. With any luck Iíll have the first round of updates done and ready to go by tonight. So if you get a chance please take a look and see what Iíve been working on.

Who knows, maybe youíll agree with me and find the site to be better for it.

Alrighty folks, catch you later,





 30 / MAR / 05 - I've  gone and ruined a perfectly bad day!

For the last few hours of work I was in an extremely foul mood, and I was all ready to write a real angry rant about a bunch of things that have been bothering me lately.  Only now I've gone and screwed it all up by getting all happy and stuff.

I even went ahead and drew this little sketch to further illustrate the fact that I was all dark and brooding.  What a waste.

I guess I could just post what I was planning on writing in the first place, but it wouldn't be the same.  The magic is gone.

Who knows, maybe I'll luck out and something will piss me off again.  That'd be nice, but I probably won't get that lucky.

Well I think I'm going to go make myself something to eat and then do some work on the site.

Oh wait!  Before I do I guess I should make an announcement that is kinda fitting with my unfortunately pleasant mood.

Congratulations to Brittany and Jared on their engagement!

At least I think they're engaged.  My friend Brittany sent me an e-mail saying she got a shiny new engagement ring, and so I'm guessing Jared set up some sort of condition that in order for her to keep it she has to agree to marry him. 

That's how this sort of thing usually works, doesn't it?  Otherwise he just would've given her a puppy or something made out of wicker, right?  Yeah, they're engaged.

Either that or I've screwed up big time...

Anyway, it's bacon o'clock, time to go!

Later all,




29 / MAR / 05 - Well it will be in a couple hours...

"The Strip" is up.  I posted it a bit early because my computer is acting a bit funny (not funny "ha-ha", funny "totally screwed") and I figured it would be better to do it now instead of trying to do it later.

"With Apologies" and "Dear mom," will be up by noon(ish).

Blog ya later folks,



06:40 CST

I've served up a nice hot bowl of "With Apologies" with some extra moronishness (Leone, if that ain't really a word, then by God it is now!  and yes, I throw words like that in my writing just to drive you insane) sprinkled on top!  Yummy!

I'd write a bit more but I'm still at work and it's that time of my shift where other people start arriving.  So I figure I should log off for now and start acting like I really work here.




12:50 CST

"Dear mom," is now up.

This concludes our broadcasting day.  I'll be back later today / early tomorrow after I get some of the much needed sleep that I desperately require in order to help recover from the weekend.






28 / MAR / 05 - Pre-Strip day updates...I know, it's like Christmas in July!

Well...Christmas in July with really crappy presents anyway.

First and foremost the "Store" page is back up.  And I'm sure once you look at it you'll say to yourself, "Wow, Ed kept that page down all this time and now that I finally get to see it again...what a huge freakin' disappointment!"

Okay, I'm the first to admit that there ain't much there.  The truth is until I actually have something to sell the only updates that I could've done would be purely cosmetic.  Yes, I know, if that was the case maybe I should've actually done some cosmetic changes, but other things kinda took precedent over them in the past few weeks.

Next up, Casey's bio has been fleshed out a bit more.  Keep in mind though, if you plan on reading it in the next three hours before the new strip goes live, it will be a bit of a spoiler.  Also Noname's bio has been tweaked a bit.  The only way I think you'd really notice the change though is if you memorized his bio to begin with.  Though if you have memorized the Geek Tragedy bio's...wow, you're either my dream woman, or someone who has too much time on their hands.


Dammit!  I know I did something else but I can't remember what it was...


Nope totally gone.  Well I guess y'all will just have to look through every single page of the site and try to find out what I did on your own.

Yeah, I didn't really think that was going to happen.  Hell, I don't think I've even gone through every single page of the site.

Alrighty folks, I'll be back in a couple hours or so to post the new strip.





27 / MAR / 05 - Alien women are soooo hot...

There were many reasons I was looking forward to this long weekend.  Not the least of which was that Space (the Canadian Sci-Fi channel) was playing the two part Farscape : The Peace Keepers Wars mini-miniseries.

I've already watched the first two hour episode, and I've taped the second part which I'll be watching just as soon as I finish up the strip, and it is amazing!  I was a huge fan of the series before it got cancelled (which sucks in my opinion but on the bright side at least it got to stay on the air longer than most shows I really loved, like Firefly for example) and so far they've done a really great job of wrapping up where the series left off.

In fact watching it almost makes up for the fact that I had to spend (or in my opinion, waste) almost an entire day cleaning my house.

Well I was planning on posting more, but I'm starving right now so I guess I should try and force myself to actually cook something.  With the exception of a home cooked Easter dinner on Friday (thanks Mom!) the only things I've been consuming this weekend have been pizza and banana pudding.

Yeah, I wish I was joking about that, but sadly I'm not...

Anyway off to burn some food!



PS:  BTW, did you know if you actually were to "eat like a bird" you'd be consuming about twice your weight in food each day?  Just a fun little fact I was told about last night that I figured I'd share with y'all.


Just before 00:00 CST

Though I'd be willing to bet money that by the time I finally get around to posting this one it'll be well after midnight.


Most of the time when the weekend comes I'll stick to my normal midnight shift type sleep schedule.  Which for me means I'll go to bed around 2pm and wake up at 10pm. 

However, as much as I wish it was otherwise, the rest of the planet (or at least the city of Winnipeg) just doesn't seem to keep those hours.  So when I have places to go and people to see on the weekend, especially when it's a long weekend, I will flip my sleeping habits around and walk for a while in the world ruled by that giant orb of flame you call your sun.

Well the weekend's pretty much over and so today is the day I flip back to vampire standard time...and it's all I can do to not fall asleep right here as I type.

All last week I couldn't get to sleep to save my life, but today, the one day I actually need to stay awake, my body is screaming to be fed dreams!  I'm so groggy that as I'm typing here my fingers feel like there moving through mud.  Any chance of getting some actual productive work done on the site is pretty much right out the window at this point.

That's it, I've got to take a nap, otherwise I'm likely to blog all sorts of crazy sleep deprived crap. 

If I'm not up in a couple hours though promise that you guys will wake me up.



PS:  Wow, you wouldn't believe the sheer number of spelling mistakes and typos my spellchecker picked up in this post.  You'd figure that typing at about 3 words per minute would help limit the number of mistakes one would make, but no.  I shudder to think what the grammar looks like...oh well, no sense worrying about it now.  I'll check it when I wake up.





26 / MAR / 05 - Slowly but surely...

Well so far the long weekend has been treating me pretty well.  Surprisingly I've actually been able to chip away at most of the tasks I set for myself so far.

There has been one downside to this Easter long so far though.  My computer seems to be acting a little screwy, or I guess "more screwy than usual" would be a more accurate description, these past couple days.  I've done a quick and dirty spit polish to it and that seems to have helped things for now, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to dig a bit deeper to get everything back up to speed. 

However I figured I should make sure the strip is finished first before I risk totally buggering up my computer.  Which unfortunately is something I've been known to do on more than one occasion when I've tried to "fix" my computer in the past.

If all goes well though I might even have the strip in the can before I go to bed tonight.  So at least that'll give me about a week to mess around with my computer before I'll have to have it running well enough to do some more photo-painting.

Well, I know I haven't been fast and furious with the updates so far this weekend but I'll try my best to check in a little more often in the next couple days.

Till then, later everyone,







24 / MAR / 05 - Already running behind...

Well the long weekend just officially started for me about 2 hours ago and I'm already behind in everything I wanted to do.

I wasn't sure when I'd be able to get back home from doing all my errands so I figured I'd do a quick post now, 'cause I'd rather not have two days go by between updates.


I don't actually have anything to say though...


Well worth waiting two days for this update huh?  Well I hope it was good for you.  With any luck I'll be back before tomorrow with a much more full bodied update, but if not then I guess I'll catch you guys tomorrow.






22 / MAR / 05 - "Divine Interference"

"The Strip" is up (and has been since midnight) and so is "With Apologies" (and has been for about 45 seconds).

For those of you who will be waking up and seeing the strip before I get off work and head home, yes I know, there is a mistake in one of the word bubbles.  Unfortunately I was helpless to do anything about it all night while I was stuck here in the lab, but I assure you it will be gone shortly after I get home and fire up my computer.

More to come later in the day, but now I have to do my best to not get fired.




10:30 CST - A new record I think...

Well the "Dear mom," letter is now up for viewing.  I think this is the soonest I've ever had that posted on a strip day.  Granted I didn't even write one last week so that's not really all that impressive is it?

As well the typo free version of "The Strip" is now showing in a web page near you.

Before I get back to work though I have to ask if this has ever happened to anyone else...

Yesterday I went to go to the washroom (I assure you this isn't going to get disgusting, just bare with me here) and so I start to unzip my fly (it's also not going to turn pornographic either so keep reading please) only to find that it was already open.

So of course the first thing I thought of was "Well...how long has that been open for?"  Now near as I could remember the last time I would've needed to zip up was back at my house when I put my damn pants on to begin with, and that was a loooooooong time ago.

So of course the next thing I thought of was "Oh man, how many people have I passed by, or worse yet, talked to today?"  Granted the number was only something like ten or so, but that's still much higher than I would've liked. 

The worst part of all this being that no one said a freakin' thing to me the entire time.  Granted this could simply mean that no one noticed, after all who really goes around looking for that sort of thing, but I can't help but suspect that at least one person noticed and just chose not to say anything.

So I guess what I'm saying here people is that if you happen to notice that someone's fly is open, or they have a bit of food in their teeth, or they're on fire please tell them.  Especially if that person is ME!

Sure it may seem awkward at the time but I assure you I will thank you for it later.  In fact when it comes to my fly being open I think everyone would thank you for it.

Well...I'm glad we could have this little chat.  Now back to work for me.






21 / MAR / 05 - One sketch forward, two sketches backÖ

I need to create a device, or perhaps some sort of genetic enhancement process that will allow my hands to function at roughly the same speed as my brain.  Then maybe I'd be able to at least come close to getting all the writing and sketching projects I'd like to accomplish in any given week finished. 

Of course I'd also require such a device to have an "off" switch.  'Cause if the pace of my manual dexterity was set by the speed of my brain functions all the time, well than it would most likely take me about four hours just to crack open a can of diet Dr. Pepper and fry up an egg first thing in the morning (yes, I drink pop with my breakfast.  I know that may not be the healthiest thing in the world to do, but I hate coffee and until they start selling caffeine in syringes it's the best way for me to ingest some go-juice immediately after I wake up).

Oh and before I go any further, this is not my way of breaking it to you guys that the strip will be late this week.  Trust me; it'll be done with plenty of time to spare.

The reason I am currently fantasizing about such a machine is because I kinda hope that I can get the last strip of March done before Friday.  You see I've got a four day weekend this Easter, and I would REALLY like to spend a fair share of my time off working on a few side projects I keep pushing back. 

Plus it's always nice to be able take a break and spend some quality time with family and friends without constantly thinking in the back of my mind "The strip's not finished yet.  MustÖfinishÖstrip!"

And of course there's the fact that I've been putting off taking my car into the shop for about three months now so I guess I should set aside some time for that as well.  As of this writing I'm overdue for both an oil change and my quarterly maintenance inspection / tune up.  Plus I need to get some body work done due to an accident that happened way back in November.  Which is something I have no reason whatsoever for putting off this long as I was cleared of any fault and therefore don't even have to pay a dime to get it done.

Oh yeah, and I've now received a second notice to get my car checked out for a possible part recall.  Seems the manufacturer has discovered that some of the cars that share the same model and year as my own have gas pedals that may cause the vehicle to keep accelerating even after you've taken your foot off it.   

Now I havenít personally experienced this particular defect, but the letter has informed me that should it arise it could "potentially" cause an accident.

Really?  No shit?  Thanks for the heads up because I never would've figured that out on myÖhmmÖyou know now that I think about it, seeing as how I'm the one who's stupid enough to keep putting off such a repair, I'm not in any position to get sarcastic about it am I?  No, I guess not.

Anyway, I guess I should wrap this sucker up before I put my keyboard in my mouth again.

Later all,


PS:  Oh, and if anyone does come up with some way to do the brain / hands speed-freak thing please drop me line.

PPS: Actually, to tell the truth, I'd settle for any type of super power at this point. Even something fairly useless like being able to change my hair colour at will, or bake cookies with my mind would still be pretty cool in my eyes.






20 / MAR / 05 - The only bad thing about this weekend...

It was too damn short. Other than that, it was all good!

Of course I didn't get anywhere near as much stuff done as I had hoped, but then again I doubt that will ever really be possible unless I give up sleep all together. Which isn't too likely to happen anytime soon. You see I have a hard enough time stringing coherent sentences together while I'm completely well rested never mind when I've been reduced to a sleep deprived zombie.

And speaking of being sleep deprived I guess I better head off to bed now. Before I do though I figured I'd let y'all know that this week's strip is close to being finished. And here's a little spoiler for you, you'll be introduced to a new face on Tuesday!

Boy I bet all you loyal viewers are just vibrating with excitement now aren't ya? Well calm down you two, you'll see it soon enough.

Anyway folks I hope y'all had as much fun this weekend as I did.

Take care,


PS: I'm too tired to proof this very thoroughly so this entry could very well have oodles of screw ups in it.  Forgive me, I'll be sure to look it over again when I wake up and fix it up if that is indeed the case.




19 / MAR / 05 - Things to do...

I have a bunch of stuff I'm hoping to get finished this weekend.  First and foremost, obviously, is the strip.  Plus I also have my fair share of domestic chores that need looking after.

On top of that I'm hoping to put a dent in updating certain pages of the site that may be a little less than current at this point.  It's odd how even though I work on this site every day I rarely, if ever, take a few minutes to check it out thoroughly.  What this means is that most of the time if something is screwed up or outdated I won't notice until one of you guys point it out to me.

And thank you all very much for doing so...continually...often bluntly...seemingly every chance you get...with little or no regard to my fragile ego...*sigh*

Seriously though, this site has really benefited from your input and I truly appreciate it.

Anyway I'll let y'all know of any major updates, but most of the ones I'm going to be dealing with won't really fit into that category. 

Now I have to get a shower and go help my mother set up her new computer.  This should prove to be, if nothing else, fuel for this weeks "Dear mom," letter.  And yes I know I didn't have one up last week, but I promise you that I've talked to my mom a bunch of times in the past week and she forgives me. 

Plus I figure my sister could've used a week off being picked on by me.






17 / MAR / 05 - I should be sleeping...

(The pic below has been updated since I posted it.  I've now used the correct version of the word "fore"...and I've changed the word "the" to "they"...you see this is why I don't like showing you guys stuff until Leone takes a look at it first)

I haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep lately and so I had fully intended to be in bed already to try and catch up on my beauty rest.  However I am in a really good mood right now and that's got me kinda wired so I figured I'd check in with a quick post.

Here is a sketch I was playing around with that I ended up liking enough to take to slightly higher level.  I plan to ink this and colour it too in the next week or so, but I wanted to show it to y'all first.  I always like my pencils better than most of my inked work.

Of course that may have something to do with the fact that I can't ink worth a damn.  Hopefully that will change over the next few months with the more practice I get at it.  Anyway, here it is.  The text is pretty small at this size so check out the archives later today or tomorrow for a full-sized version.



Hope you guys get a kick out of it.






*Update*  This problem has since been fixed.  Scroll down to the latest entry to find out more.


16 / MAR / 05 - A brand new headache for a brand new day...

You know I honestly thought the low point of today was going to be my trip to the dentist.  Then I log on to find an e-mail regarding my site with the words "Notification of Suspension"  in the subject line waiting for me in my inbox.

Suddenly sitting back in a dentist chair getting my tooth drilled began to look quite relaxing.

For the time being I don't really want to go into any great detail about the e-mail until I've tried to work things out, and there is no doubt in my mind that things will get worked out (or so I keep telling myself), still I figured it'd be best to give y'all a heads up just in case you go to check out the site in the near future only to find it's not there any more.

Even if this does happen though, let me just assure you that it will only be temporary!  Geek Tragedy will be up for quite a while one way or the other, I promise.

Anyway, I'll be sure to keep y'all posted as to what's going on.

Later (just hopefully not much later),



07:30 CST

And to answer your question Leone, no, the cheque didn't bounce.  That might actually be an improvement on the current situation.



13:30 CST - All's well that ends well...

For those of you that e-mailed me and called me I just want to let y'all know that everything is cool with the site again.  I'll post a much more in depth write up in about an hour or so.



Good lord is it after 16:00 CST already?  I really do have to shorten these blog entries don't I?

Okay here is what happenedÖ

As I mentioned before I got an e-mail last night informing me that my siteís account had been suspended due to some issues that were pretty much out of my control. After the alternating fits of uncontrollable swearing and sobbing subsided I did a quick check and found that I could still update the site, at least for the time being. I figured that would change come morning, and since I wasnít sure if Iíd be able to post any updates to the site for the next few days I decided that Iíd better let you all know what the situation was right then, just in case.

Now something like this can really throw you for a loop at the best of times, but when you work nights itís especially taxing because you know that there isnít going to be anyone awake to contact about it for at least another 8 hours. And when youíre a natural born pessimist like me, that gives you a loooooong time to stew over the situation and come up with a whole lot of negative scenarios, each one worse than the next.

Plus I had to go to the dentist first thing in the morning which:

a) Isnít the sexiest way to spend the morning.


b) Meant a further delay from being able to get a hold of someone that I could talk to about the mix up.

So pretty much my only option at that point was to send off an e-mail explaining the situation and to hope for the best till I could get back to my house and call customer support.

Now for the entire drive home after getting my tooth fixed, drool flowing freely down the side of my mouth like some sort of vast slimy river, I kept worrying about how I wasnít going to be able to update Geek Tragedy or receiving any e-mails through the site for the next few days. Then it also occurred to me that with half my face frozen I was going to sound either drunk or challenged to whoever I talked to on the phone, which I figured wasnít really going to help me state my case in any kind of clear and intelligible manner.

So by now, as you might have already guessed, I had totally built up this conversation in my mind to be one horrific train wreck which I was just oh so pumped to have!

Well when I walked through the door the first thing I did was grab the phoneÖwell actually the first thing I did was go and pee but no one really needs to know that. So I grabbed the phone and noticed that I had a voice mail waiting for me. I presumed it was from my mother so of course I checked it right away. Because lets face it folks, even though I had some pretty pressing matters to attend to, I am still a big mommaís boy at heart who doesnít want to invoke the rain of guilt that she could shower down upon me for ignoring a message from her.

As it turns out the message wasnít from my mom, but instead was from Shawn at Webnames.ca customer support. Seems he wanted to let me know that my troubles were the result of some sort of clerical mistake, and that everything has been worked out so my siteís account is no longer suspended.

Now what this means is that in the two or three hours that passed between him getting into work and me getting home from the dentist, he read my concerns, investigated the problem, fixed it, unsuspended my account and left me both a phone message and an e-mail to inform me that everything was cool again.

OkayÖmaybe Iíve just become cynical and jaded over the years but Iíve come to expect sweet bugger all in this world when it comes to customer support. Thisíll happen to a person after theyíve spent a week or so sitting on lawn chairs in their living room because theyíre still waiting for the couch and love seat, which they ordered over seven weeks prior to moving into the house in an effort to make sure something like this wouldnít happen, to arrive (btw, screw you Leonís and that waste of oxygen you hired as a sales rep who did absolutely nothing to help me other than convincing me to get a much better living room set somewhere else).

So when Iím lucky enough to encounter truly amazing customer support it totally blows me away! Which is exactly what happened here.

So thank you for everything youíve done Shawn. Youíve restored my faith in humanity.

Well okayÖthatís stretching it a bit, but I do appreciate all your help just the same.

Later all,


*Note* This blog entry was made possible by Shawn. So if you didnít like it I guess you can blame him.


15 / MAR / 05 - Stripday!

I give you "The Strip" with a side order of "With Apologies."  Yum...



12:45 CST

Wow, do I ever have a headache right now. I know I usually blog more on strip day but it's kinda hard to look at a computer screen at the moment so this will be briefish I think.

I can just hear what Leone (that's Geek Tragedy's ever suffering editor for those of you who don't know yet) is thinking right now, "Wow, Ed isn't in the mood to ramble on and on? That must be one hellova headache!" Well it is miss smartie-pants, thanks for your concern.

And speaking of GT's editor I'd like to share with y'all the fact that she has found my spelling and diction skills to have vastly improved as of late. Well okay, what she actually wrote was;

"either you have a dictionary there by your side (I did notice the choice of big words again) or you are taking your time and sounding out the words"

And that was her giving me a compliment!  So you can just imagine what she has to say when I screw up.  Of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

Well I'm going to lay down for a while and see if my head feels a bit better. If it does I'll be back to post a few more thoughts I've been wanting to share. If not, I'll catch y'all tomorrow.




13:00 CST

BTW, do you know what doesn't help a headache?

Having The Muppet Show theme song running through your head in a constant loop.






14 / MAR / 05 - The quiet before the storm...

Well the strip is all done, and for once the "With Apologies" write up is finished ahead of schedule.  Nothing to do now but wait till midnight to post them.

I'm hoping to start on a few projects this week that I've been meaning to get to for the past little while.  I'm wanting to add a few more pics in amongst some of the more text heavy areas, plus I'd like to make up a "Geek Tragedy" banner that can be used to help advertise the site.

Also there is always the "Store" page to bring back from the dead, and my "Links" page could use some more meat on it's bones.

Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted on what's happening and share any new sketches and pics I might come up with in the next few days.

Take care all,





13 / MAR / 05 Ė And yet it still makes more sense then having them wear sweaters ...

Last night I saw the oddest commercial. Apparently there is now a line of BBQ sauce made especially for dogs. Now granted I havenít seen much TV lately so this may be old news to most of you, but it was the first Iíve heard of so it really grabbed my attention.

In fact Iíve been thinking about this product for a while now since I first saw the commercial. Thatís right, my head is so completely devoid of any pressing concerns regarding current events or world issues that the newly discovered existence of doggy condiments has rushed straight to the forefront of my innermost thoughts and became a blog worthy event. So getting back to the sauceÖ

Now Iím guessing that this BBQ sauce has the same purpose that itís human counterpart does, which is to enhance the flavor of food and make it more appealing to eat. If thatís true, then there are two things that bother me about this;

First off, when did getting a dog to eat anything become a chore that required outside assistance? Hell, my sister has a hard enough time trying to stop her dog from eating grass every time they take a walk, and this despite the fact that Jewel knows all too well at this point that sheís just going to throw it up 10 minutes later.

Iím pretty sure anyone who owns a dog has at least one story that involves their pet consuming something that was really better off never having to take a trip through the K9 digestive system. I personally remember our old family dog, Brandy, eating crayons every chance sheíd get (something we wouldnít realize sheíd done of course until we took her out the next day). Now Iím not sure if many of you have ever had the misfortune of tasting wax, but for those of you who have Iím certain youíll agree that it wasnít exactly a taste explosion.

And speaking of taste, here is my second problem with this product. What are the chances that this thick brown liquid tastes anything like BBQ sauce to begin with. In fact Iím going to go out on a limb here and predict that it tastes exactly like liquefied dog food. And if thatís the case then what people will essentially be doing here is pouring dog food on their dogís dog food in an effort to make the dog food taste better.

Granted the only way to test this theory would be to try it myself, and thatís just not going to happen. Nor do I endorse others to do so. Of course I canít really stop youÖ

So that being said, if anyone feels the need to boldly go where no human mouth has gone before, God speed to you! All I ask is that you let me know what your taste buds tell you. Unless of course you plan to tell me in person. In which case, before you tell me, Iíll also have to ask you to brush you teeth first.

Well there you have it folks. Five minutes of your life that you can never get back, GONE! And all because I felt the need to over think something that most people wouldíve dismissed seconds after seeing it. So for those of you who did read this I feel I should say "thanks"Öand quite possibly "sorry" as well.






12 / MAR / 05 - Just stopping in for a quickie...but it doesn't mean I don't respect y'all.

I didn't post yesterday so I didn't want another day to go by without putting word to screen so I figured I'd do a quick dive-by blogging here.

I do have a longer post coming regarding something that has been weighing really heavy on my mind since I saw it on TV, but that one wasn't going to make it up till after midnight so here you go.

Anyway, till then...






10 / MAR / 05 - If you can't blog anything nice...

I really wanted to post something chuckle worthy here before I went to bed. Barring that I at least wanted to write something on a positive note or maybe some sort of new fun bit of info regarding the site, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

It snowed again last night and my mood at the moment can best be summed up like this...


Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to trudge through the snow to the 7-11 at the end of my street and buy something incredibly bad for me to eat that will no doubt be insanely marked up in price because I am too lazy to go to Safeway.

And speaking of lazy, who am I kidding...I'm not going to walk to the end of my street, I'm going to drive there like I usually do.







09 / MAR / 05 - Everything you ever wanted to know about Casey...almost everything.

Casey's bio has now been posted.  Well the first installment of it anyway.  Trust me, if I revealed any more of it at this point it would spoil the next few weeks for you.

No seriously, I'm doing this for you. 



11:15 CST

Still chipping away at different parts of the site (and my life) that need attention right now but I figured I'd post the T-shirt sketch that I've been working on. 

It's my hope that I'll have a full colour version of this on some type of nudity curing article of clothing in the next month or so, but in the end it'll depend on the cost.  With silk screening every colour drives the price of the shirts up more and more.  What this means is that if I can't get a colour combo that looks good and won't break the bank I'll most likely go with a black and white version in the end.

Anyway, here it is...

I'll post a larger version of this pic in the "Archives" in the next hour or so, so if this is too small for you to get a good look at you may want to take a peek over there.




13:30 CST

I finally finished the rewrite on the Welcome page.  Now anyone who is a first time visitor to Geek Tragedy won't be given descriptions of areas of the site that no longer exist.





08 / MAR / 05 - The Strip: Now with 10% less suckage...

This week's strip is now up, and I don't mind saying that it's my favorite one to date.  Granted I am not exactly a master of my craft at this point but at least I'm seeing a bit of an improvement.  Funny how repeating the same task over and over again each week sharpens ones abilities.  Who knew?

Other changes to note as of this writing; If you look up above you'll see that "The Strip" link, which is pretty much the most important link the site has, is now all red and biggish so it stands out a bit more.  Thanks for the suggestion Jay.

Some of the past blog entries have been dumped into a March blog archive and last week's strip has been put into the strip "Archives."

Also the header for the "Meet the Geeks" page has been updated along with Casey's bio pic. 

However Casey's bio, and the "With Apologies" and "Dear mom," sections have yet to be updated.  If all goes according to plan though these section will be posted by noon, or before I head to bed at the latest.

Well that's it for now, but being strip day I'm sure I'll post here three or four more times before my day is done.

Till then...



Just shy of 11:15 CST

The "With Apologies" write up has now been posted.  Once again I've done so without Leone's final stamp of approval though so please ignore the mistakes within for now.

And speaking of my lovely and talented editor, let me just take you "behind the curtain" for a second and show you just how dedicated she really is.

When I checked my e-mail after I woke up today I was thrilled to see that Leone had come through once again and found a couple of mistakes in this week's strip before I had a chance to post it.  Then all of a sudden it struck me...

I never actually got around to sending her the finished strip before I went to bed, so how the hell did she find any mistakes in it?  I mean she's good, but I didn't think she was that good.

Well it just so happens that she's working nights this week so I figured I'd find out how she managed that trick.  Here is a paraphrased version of our conversation:

Me: "Did I send you the strip this week?"

Leone: "Nope, but I found out where you had it posted and sort of hacked it."

Me: "Ahh.  Well I'm glad you're on my side.  Now if you'll excuse me I have to go remove certain...um...personal pics from that page."

Leone: "No need, I already did that for you.  By the way, you're giving me a raise."

Okay, so I made up that last part up, but still...




13:30 or so CST

"Dear mom," is done and up.

Running out of steam fast now though so I'm not sure if I'll have Casey's bio up before I fall asleep, but we'll see.





06 / MAR / 05 - Off to bed...

But before I go I just wanted to post a quick entry.  Tuesday's strip is finished except for a few word bubbles.  It would've been nice to have finished it off completely before I called it a day but I am just way too tired at this point.

On a personal note I hope everyone who came out for poker had fun last night.  And for one person in particular...well I hope the morning after wasn't too rough for you.

Later all,






05 / MAR / 05 - Don't draw angry...

I just finished the pencils for Tuesday's strip, and while I don't usually like to brag about my own work, they look pretty freakin' unawful (yes Leone, that's another "Ed word"). Now that might not sound like much of a ringing endorsement, but after the Herculean like struggle I just went through to get these doodles down on paper it's good enough for me!

You see there are nights when honey just seems to drip forth from my pencil and spill it's sugary goodness all over the bristol board. I tell ya, it's moments like those that require all the will power I can muster to stop myself from throwing the sketches down on the ground and make sweet, sweet love to Ďem. (mom, you may want to forget you ever read that)

Then there are nights where I seriously begin to contemplate sharpening my pencil up to the finest of points and ramming it into my brain through my ear canal just so I can make the pain stop!

Guess what kinda night I had last night? Well lets just say I didnít have to worry about getting any paper cuts in unusual places if you know what I mean. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

Now normally when it gets as bad as it did last night I just stand up, walk away, and try again the next night. Not this time though. This time I decided to make a stand. I was going to get this page done by TODAY, just like I planned or die trying dammit.

Well the page is done and Iím still alive and feeling fine.

Granted I did inadvertently end up giving myself a pretty nasty smack in jaw with my T-squareÖand I got so pissed off at one point that I started swearing like I was in an episode of Deadwood (great show btw if youíre not shy of language of the "blue" persuasion) and threw my eraser at the wall with enough force that it bounced back and hit me just above my eye. Which you can imagine did wonders for my already foul mood.

But none of that matters now, because Iíve finally put this baby to bed, and now itís my turn.

Take care all,







04 / MAR / 05 - Halo Geeks...

I mentioned a couple days ago that I was working on a sketch for a friend of mine.  Well it's all inked up now so I figured I'd share it with y'all.

My buddy Travis is going to be running a Halo 2 tournament at a local gaming con in the spring (I'm sure I'll tell you more about the con and the tourney the closer we get to it) and he wanted to have some flyers printed up that he could pass out and let people know about it.  He figured that they might be more eye catching if they had some sort of pic on them so asked me if I'd be able to help.

Originally all he wanted me to draw was a Covenant Energy Sword.  Then he mentioned that if I wanted to draw one of the Geek Tragedy crew holding one instead that would be fine too.  He'd even let me put the site address on the flyers to help pimp the site for my troubles.

Well this was the end result.  Knowing it was going to be black and white I took some extra time on the inking.  I really hate inking btw, but looking at this now I think I may just try to take that bit of extra effort every time I ink the strip from now on.

Anyway I thought you might want to take a peek at it.  I'll put the full, uncut version in the archives in a little while so you can get a better look at the sword Frank is wielding.

Well that's it for now.

Later all,






03 / MAR / 05 Ė The months aheadÖ (btw this is a looooong oneÖand while Iíve spell-checked it I am waaay too tired to deal with grammar right now, but I will get to that next time I reread it)


Iíve been wanting to make a brief post about where I plan to take the site in the next few months. Unfortunately, as my editor has pointed out to me on numerous occasions, I am pretty much incapable of brevity when it comes to conveying my thoughts and / or ideas to another living being. So instead I will make a sickly verbose post regarding the hopeful future of Geek Tragedy.

1) Strip Tease

First and foremost I am hoping that down the road I will have more than just one strip update per week. My goal at this point would be to do three. The full-page, full-colour one every Tuesday which will primarily focus on the adventures of Noname, and a couple three or four panel black and white strips every Thursday and Saturday that will feature the lives of the rest of the crew.

This would be the ideal set up for me for a couple reasons. First off, the more strips there are per week the more reason people will have to keep coming back during the week. And oh how I get a kick out of seeing people who are not my mother show up several times in week. Not that I donít get a kick out of having my mother visit the site often itís justÖuhÖI love you mom.

The other reason being that thereís so much Iíve envisioned doing with the other three characters outside of the main story line, and yet I know I will never be able to get around to it if I only do one strip per week. So by sharing the spotlight a bit over three strips it would vastly improve my ability to flesh out the lives of Frank, Grey, and Casey to my viewers. This in turn, in my opinion at least, will allow people to see each character as a separate entity instead of just a supporting cast member.

Now while creating three strips per week is my chief intent with the site at the present time, itís also most likely going to be the last thing Iíll be able to achieve. Keep in mind this is technically my "hobby" right now for lack of a better word. While Iíd love to just blow off work and draw all day, Iíd love to keep eating and have a roof over my head to do that in even more. Plus Iím already struggling a bit with some time management issues, the last thing I need to do at this point is overextend myself any further than I currently have.

If you donít believe me just take a look at my kitchen. At this point I am well past the "are there any clean plates left to eat off of" stage, and currently existing within the "are there any less filthy dishes left to eat off of " realm. I swear pretty soon Iím not going to need to wash my dishes to get them clean, Iíll need to shave them.

2) In lieu of ferretsÖ


T-shirts are coming! Very, very soonÖish.

Those of you who have been visiting the site for a while know that one of the pages that has been up for your viewing pleasure since the beginning has been a "Store" of sorts. I say "of sorts" because I donít know if the strictest definition of the word "Store" can apply to page that has absolutely nothing to sell.

At the moment I am hard at work sketching out a design for the first Geek Tragedy T-shirt. As well I am also shopping around for a silk-screening shop that has the perfect mix of quality vs. cost to fit my needs. Luckily the latter of the two efforts is proving to be going much better than I thought it would. Little did I know before I started looking into it that there are no shortage of businesses out there that specialize in this area.

If everything goes exactly according to plan I should have the first installment of Geek Tragedy merchandise in my hot little hands by the end of April!

It should be noted though that if this does prove to be accurate it will also mark the very first time that pretty much anything has gone exactly according to plan for me since the site's inception. Still, Iíve always wanted to be optimistic at least once before I die so I guess this is my big chance.



3) (Almost) Everyone deserves to have their voice heardÖ



Iíd really like to get a forum going.

Okay, thatís a big honkiní lie.

What I mean to say is, Iíd really like to get something going that allows for people visiting the site to communicate their thoughts and ideas to both me and others in a friendly and courteous manner, and to be given this opportunity without fear of being goaded, taunted, and / or ridiculed by people who have nothing better to do with their time than put the screws to others by taking advantage of the anonymity that hiding behind their keyboards allow. However the sad truth of the matter is that, as of this writing at least, that thin slice of heaven on earth I just described does not yet exist anywhere on the internet. So until it does a forum is the closest thing to it that I can think of.

As you probably have already guessed Iím not a big fan of the type of "Lord of the Flies" mentality that seems to run rampant in most forums. What I am a big fan of is hearing from those who visit the site. Not in an effort to have my ego, or anything else for that matter, stroked, but instead to allow you guys to let me know what youíre thinking.

What parts of the site do you enjoy the most? What parts do think could use improvement? What parts are just total rubbish?

I honestly want to know what your opinions are, both the good and the bad. Hell, especially the bad. Do you guys have any ideas or tips as to how I can improve my inking? Shading? Punctuation and grammar? Oh for the love of God please tell me how to improve my punctuation and grammar! These are the things I want to know. As long as itís constructive, I want to hear it.

And so for the those reasons (*sigh* I canít even believe I am actually going to write this) I plan to set up a Geek Tragedy forum sometime in the next couple months.

Okay I better move on to the last point before I change my mindÖ

4) A blog is not enoughÖ


Okay hereís a side note before I begin. Once I run spellchecker on this post, "blog" is joining the ranks of such words as "yíall", "kinda", "freakiní, and the Canadian spelling of "colour" in the Special Ed (yes I know how putting those two words together makes me sound) Edition of my word-processorís dictionary, because I am sick of getting yet another word showing up in my writing with an annoying red line under it. God knows I get enough legit red lines showing up already, the last thing I need is an unnecessary one popping up all the time to make me feel even more illiterate than I already do on a regular basis.

Okay, /rant off.

Even though itís the newest feature on the site Iím pretty sure the blog will be here indefinitely. If nothing else it helps provide newish content thatíll show up every day that people can either read or blow right past on their way to "The Strip" or the "Archives."

That being said, I plan to go beyond just the written word and start sharing more eye candy for you guys to scope out. Outside of the strip itself I do a fair amount of sketches for fun, friends, or to just warm up my pencil for my next serious drawing session. From now on Iíll try my best to take the time and post a few of these for yíall to see.

The smaller ones will be posted right here. Anything that is too big to fit correctly on this page will be put directly into the archives, or perhaps Iíll even create a dedicated page for them. Regardless of how they will be shown to you, rest assured that more art (and I use that term loosely) will be shown. No promises on how good any of them will be though.

The only thing I ask is that if you like what you see here, or anywhere on the site for that matter, and you want to use it, just try to be fair about it. I honestly have no problem with someone using a pic of say Frank as their forum sig, or an avatar or something like that. Hell, Iíd be flattered! And hey, if you can find it in your heart to tell people where you got it from if they ask, even better!

All I ask is that you stick to a little "fair use" common sense. And if youíre ever not sure whether what youíd like to use something for falls into that category, please drop me a line and ask. Iím not an ogre, or a ghoul, or any other mythical type creature (though Iíve always wanted to be a unicornÖat least for one day). I promise I wonít bite or spank you unless youíve paid me to. All Iím asking is that someone doesnít go and print up something with one of my pics on it and sell it for cash money.

Any if you do print something up of mine and make a bunch of cash off of it, could you maybe make a donation to the site and then tell me what it was you sold so that I can "re"rip you off and sell it myself? Thanks!

Well thatís it folks. I think Iíve done more than my fair share of damage to your eyesight for today. If anything else strikes my fancy before tomorrow Iíll be sure to post it.

Until thenÖ




02 / MAR / 05 - Survey Says!


Hey all. 


I finally posted the results for last month's survey along with my thoughts on them.  As well I've also made up a new one for this month.  Don't worry though, it took a lot of will power, but this time I left out "Three words; You...naked...now." from the answer list. 


And a collective *sigh* of relief could be heard washing over the internet.








I still have a few things I'd like to finish updating today.  Specifically the "Store" page, and my "Welcome to Geek Tragedy" message.


Plus either today or tomorrow I'll be letting you guys know what you can expect from Geek Tragedy over the next few months or so. 


I've got plans baby!  Big plans!






11:30 CST

I'm working on a sketch for a friend right now and I've just been reminded about some dinner plans which will require me to head to bed early.  What that all means is the updates to the Geek Tragedy Welcome and the "Store" areas will have to wait for another day.


I've also had it suggested to me that maybe I should post a few pics I did up of the GT crew before Geek Tragedy was actually online.  So keep an eye out for those in the next couple of days.






01 / MAR / 05 - It's Launch Day Baby!


The new / first strip is up.  And so begins the ongoing saga that is Geek Tragedy!


A friend of mine told me that since this is the site's official launch day I should "rub some funk on it" to get it underway with a bang.  The problem is I haven't a clue as to how one would "rub some funk" on anything, so I guess that's kinda out of the question, but it sure sounded like it would've been a cool idea.


As usual the write ups for "With Apologies" and "Dear Mom," sections will be updated by noonish today.  You may notice that the "With Apologies" write ups will be a fair bit shorter than they have been in the past, lord knows they couldn't get any longer.  This is mainly going to be due to the fact that I will be splitting the topics I cover in that section with a new "blog" section that I'll be adding.


As well you may notice a few other page and layout upgrades over the next few days.  So if things look a little different next time you drop by, DON'T PANIC!  It's just another small step I'm taking to try to woo you, my audience.  Maybe next week I'll give you all foot rubs...




PS:  When "With Apologies" is actually posted it should be noted that I never had a chance to run it by my editor, Leone, who's watchful eye is the only reason I come off even partially literate.  So please keep this in mind if you happen to read it before she sends me my weekly laundry list of spelling mistakes. 




If you're reading this then you've already seen that "Blog Tragedy" is the new "front / splash" page for the site.  From now on each week's new strip will be posted on the cleverly named "The Strip" page instead of here.  


In turn, now that the strip has found a new page to call its home, this page has become the place to find out about any and all breaking Geek Tragedy News as well as any totally random thoughts that may pop into my head that I feel are post worthy.


Of course originally this is what the "News" page was for, so now unfortunately that page is no longer needed so I had to let it go...but not before I ripped off it's "News" headers to be used on this page and all it's sub pages.


And so the circle of life continues. 


Don't feel too bad for the "News" page though.  He had a good run while it lasted and did a damn fine job.  I'm sure he'll have no trouble getting work on some other site.






Oh yeah, and it should be noted that the "Store" page has only been temporarily taken down, and will return soon.


Also, just in case you were planning on looking for it, Casey's bio will not be posted in the "Meet the Geeks" section until next week.  Yes, I am doing this on purpose and not just because I'm lazy.






10:30ish CST

This week's "With Apologies" section is now up for your inquiring eyes.  I hope it sheds a little light on why I did what I did in this week's strip.


The "Dear mom," update will be following close behind.


And for those of you who asked, the results of last months survey will be up soon, and a brand new survey will pop up to fill the old one's place.  If not in the next few hours than by tomorrow morning at the very latest.






14:15 CST

It's after two now and I'm just about ready to head off to bed (I sleep days and work nights remember) so pretty much everything that hasn't been posted yet today, like the new survey, will be finished off tomorrow.


Till then folks, take care.





All content © Ed Ryzowski 2005-2008 unless another artist has been cited.  Material found on this site may not be reproduced without the express consent of the artist and blah, blah, blah...Basically, please don't steal my shit and use it unless you ask.