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January '06


31 / JAN / 06 - 1944 CST : I'm completely ruined...

My body's clock is so set on nights that I now wonder if I'd ever be able to survive on any other type of schedule for as long as I live.  All I can say is that I'm glad I only have one more shift of days, and then things can get back to normal.  Until the next time they drag me in for training at work, but hopefully that won't be for another year or so.

Sorry about not having a new strip up today, but my "real" job kinda got in the way this week.  And as much as I'd like to simply tell my bosses to take my job and do unpleasant things with it, a man's gotta make his money somehow.

I have however had time to post the "Thanks for Voting Wallpapers!" up on the site for you folks to download.  You can grab the link that will take you to them by clicking on the VOTE button to the left.  Here is a small peek at how the wallpaper turned out in the end.

Oh, and as my way of making up for the fact that this week's strips will be a bit delayed,  in the next 24 hours I'll be posting a few other wallpapers up for you folks to download.  You'll be able to find them in the "Other Work" section of the Archives once they're up.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to post here when I've got them ready for you.

Well I guess it's off to bed with me now.  


Off to bed before 8pm...man does this blow.  It's like working days has suddenly aged me 50 years or something.





30 / JAN / 06 - 1837 CST : Now with 50% more purple!

Hey folks.  

Some people felt that the "100" in the last strip didn't quite stand out exactly the way it should have, and ended up being kind of washed out amongst all the surrounding white space.  When I looked back at it again I have to say that agreed with them, so I went ahead and touched it up a bit.

I'd also like to mention that I'm not too sure if I'm going to have the strip up tomorrow evening like I had hoped.  I'm not a totally sure about that though. I've switched to a completely different schedule for the next few days at work, and it's currently rather difficult for me to gauge how much free time I'm going to have to get it done.

However, this shift in my work pattern will be followed by a couple days off, so if I don't have time to do it on Tuesday, I'll definitely be able to make up for it then.  Keep your fingers crossed though, 'cause it may end up being posted on time anyways.

Well, that's all for now.



0648 CST : Perhaps your yellow sun will give me powers beyond that of normal men...

Well I'm going to be stuck at work all day today, so there won't be any updates until later on in the evening, or quite possibly not till tomorrow.

I hope y'all enjoy your day.  I already know I won't.





29 / JAN / 06 - 2222 CST : "Century Strip"

It was mentioned to me on the forum that I've somehow managed to find the time to produce 100+ strips.  Now while I was trying to keep track of how many I'd done to date, I kinda screwed up on the math, and as a result I let the 100th strip slip by without even realizing it.  So today's strip is my way of trying to turn back the hands of time, and make up for my oversight.

Speaking of oversights, I forgot to give you guys a heads up that for the next three days I'll be working a set of day shifts for the first time in about a year.  So what this means is Tuesday's and quite possibly Thursday's strips won't be posted until later on in the evening (much like today's was), instead of the afternoon the way they normally are.

Sorry that I didn't mention it earlier, it kinda slipped my mind.

Well it looks like I'm off to bed.  I tell ya though, I am not looking forward to waking up to the sight of the sun.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it out to my car in the morning without bursting into flames...






28 / JAN / 06 - 1343 CST : They're back!

Hey folks.

Well for the first time since Geek Tragedy switched from it's old design, polls / surveys have returned to the site.

Currently they are only accessible from the GT forum, but I'm working on installing an add-on to the forum code that will allow them to be viewed from the main page here as well.  

Now there are couple things that I think are important to mention about the surveys:

a) You don't have to be a member of the forum in order to vote.

and b) Your votes really will help me try to get a handle on what you think of the site, and with any luck help to make Geek Tragedy better down the road.

For example, the first set of polls I plan to put up (there is currently only a "test" one up at the moment) will have a direct impact on the upcoming Geek Tragedy T-shirts.  The way I figure it is you guys are the ones who are going to buying the shirts, and so while I know I can't please everyone, I'd like to get as much info from y'all before I go ahead and have some printed up. 

Oh, and while we're on the subject of voting, please remember to VOTE for Geek Tragedy by clicking the button on the left of your screen.  Thanks!





26 / JAN / 06 - 1447 CST : "Fund Hellraisers - Pt. II"

It's odd how often I overestimate the difficulty of the work involved in a strip I've scripted out, only to discover during the execution of it that it was a lot less troublesome than I had anticipated.

Sadly, today was not one of those days.  Quite the opposite in fact.  

From the moment I came up with the idea of today's strip, I was totally convinced that the first two panels of it would be so shamefully easy that it'd actual feel like I'd be cheating, or would in some way be giving myself a half-day off.  

Even now I'm still not sure what went wrong, but sufficed to say something sure did.  But enough bitching...

For those of you from the forum who have been waiting for more options as far as T-shirt designs, I'm sorry to say that you may have to wait till the weekend.  I had hoped for more time to work on that particular project this week, but I fell short.

Damn this constant need for sleep!

Speaking of which...





25 / JAN / 06 -  1621 CST : Random bits...

Let's get to it shall we!


I put up the coloured version of what will be the next "Thanks for voting!" wallpaper (now that it's coloured, the wallpaper itself should be up for downloading by the weekend if not sooner).  You can check it out by voting.

This still puts me one wallpaper behind pace for the month (as technically this last one was meant for December), but keep your fingers cross and I may be able to get another one out to you before February.

The Webcomic Process...

Hawk of Apple Geeks fame is using this week to show everyone how he goes about producing the artwork for the strips over there.  I sorta did something similar in the GT forum a little while back only less detailed and nowhere near as pretty.

Anyway, I highly recommend you check it out.  It's a great read so far, especially if you're into webcomics (and if you're here reading this, I'm guessing you are).

Has hell finally frozen over?

Geek Tragedy T-shirts becoming a reality seems to becoming more and more likely.  I'm going to try and get some polls up and working soon to try and get your opinions on a few things about this subject, but in the mean time you may want to head over to the GT forum and check out how the discussion regarding them is shaping up so far.

Change of the moment...

I promised myself I wouldn't go to sleep today until I finally found something to update the "of the moment" box, and at long last I have done just that.  Given how slow I am when it comes to stumbling onto these sorts of things, this may be pretty damn old, but I got a kick out of it so I thought maybe you would too.

Keep in mind though, if you're not too fond of the sight of pixilated cartoon blood and violence, you may want to skip this one.

I can think of far better ways to spend my time studying it...

When I'm not working on the strip or the site, I'm currently trying to relearn anatomy and the "how-to" of drawing the human form as it exists outside the cartoony Geek Tragedy universe. I feel it's something that I'll really benefit from down the road, but unfortunately it all makes for some pretty dull sketches.  So I'll leave you with the pic of Frank I did up after I was bored to tears and needed a break from drawing a few pages of legs, hands, and neck / shoulders.

That's all for now folks.






24 / JAN / 06 - 1047 CST : "Fund Hellraisers - Pt. I"

Hey folks!

The new strip is up much earlier than usual.

So early in fact that I think I'm going to take a nap now, and then try to come back on here later to write more when my eyelids aren't quite so heavy.





22 / JAN / 06 - 1754 CST : "Self-Deprecation"

For those of you who missed it, you may want to quickly skim over this entry in the 19 / JAN / 06 blog before you check out the strip today.  Yes, I admit that having to look over "required reading" in order to better understand a strip isn't always the most fun thing to to do, so allow me to apologize about that.  But then again I guess any strip that follows some sort of continuity will often have this type of requirement, and this particular blurb is quite short, so hopefully you'll forgive me this one time.

I'd also like to mention that today's strip marks the return of what was previously meant to be a one-shot character.   However, I've always regretted the fact that in that strip she just didn't quite resemble her namesake as accurately as I had intended. And so because of that, I've been dying for good chance to take another crack at her ever since.  

I'm happy to say this time around I feel I came a lot closer with her to what was my original intent.  Rest assured though, I highly doubt that all female characters I write into the strip will be done this particular way.

Not that I have anything against this style of drawing mind you, it's just not what I'd like my work to look like outside of when I draw this one character.  As well, I'd really rather not have to spend anymore of my life browsing through the net's seemingly endless galleries of Sailor Moon pics looking for reverence material ever again! (EDIT: Yeah, that was actually supposed to be "reference" material.  Trust me when I say that I  most certainly do not revere Sailor Moon in any way, shape or form!)

Okay folks, I'm off to bed.




1148 CST : Keep in mind this strictly hypothetical...

but if you've got a second, I wouldn't mind you opinion on something I posted on the GT forum.

I'm about to start colouring today's strip, but before I did there were a couple things I wanted to cover.

Gag-a-Day VS continuity...

First off, some people were wondering if I was abandoning storyline strips for what some people like to call "gag-a-day" style ones.  I'm guessing this question stems from the fact that neither of the last two entries I've doodled into The Book of GT have had a "Part I" attached to the titles (nor will the next one as you will soon find out).

Well the answer to that question is no, I am not heading in that direction with the comic.  Sure, I enjoy reading "gag-a-day" strips, and will most likely throw a few into the mix here from time to time, but I fully intend to stick with writing tales rich with continuity and roman numerals in the titles.

Both of my last two strips will eventually branch off into a storyline later on, but for now, after sticking with a single overly long story for a couple months, I just wanted to do a few quick one-shot jokes to cleanse my creative pallet before I head into a new mini saga.

Thanks for using honey...

The last thing I wanted to say before I get back to work is thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give me feedback about the changes I've made over the past week.

Some of you like the new fonts, and various changes to the characters style that I've been playing around with, while some of you...well, not so much.  Regardless of what your opinion is though, good or bad, I'm very happy to see that y'all care about the strip enough to sound off and let me know what you're thinking.

And for those of you who have told me that you're not happy with the way things are looking now, I just want you to know that I appreciate your opinions, and I hope that it all grows on you in time.  Plus I'm quite grateful to you guys for expressing your displeasure in such an insightfully critical, yet courteous manner.  'Cause even though sending e-mails that simply say "U suck!" may get your point across, they don't exactly do much to help me try and improve the strip or give me much reason to place any value on your opinion.

Alrighty!  Less typing, more colouring!





19 / JAN / 06 - 1703 CST : "Tech Savy"

The new strip be up yo.

I just found out about five minutes ago that I've been without a working phone for the past few days.  It seems that when I moved my cordless base unit from my office to the hall that the power cord came loose.  So while I thought my phone was charging, it was actually dying.  And to further complicate matters, after having the battery run down to nothing, the phone can no longer seem to do whatever techno-voo-doo that it does to connect to the base.

So yeah, now I have to wait six hours till the battery is fully charged again to see if this problem is going to correct itself, or if this is just the beginning of a brand new headache. Anyway, I just figured I'd mention this in case any of you out there thought I've just been screening my calls for the past few days, and not picking up.

Which reminds me, I'd like to send a message out to my good friend Tim. BUY A DAMN ANSWERING MACHINE! Now there is a good chance he won't see this, so if someone who knows him could just pass this along to him next time you're in contact with him, thanks!

In other news...

It's Penguin Appreciation Day!  

I know, if you're anything like me then you've got to be thinking, "Wow, is it that time of year again already?"  You bet it is!  So put on your tux, break out the sardine pudding, and waddle your ass out to the bar!

Oh, and if you've got that special little penguin in your life, then:

a) Hopefully you're a marine biologist or something, and not just some sort of sick freak.

and b) Today would be a good day to show him or her how much they mean to you.

And remember, this festive day may be almost over now but that only means that Shoelace Awareness Day or Spank Your Secretary / Boss Day or some other nonsensical made up day is just around the corner. In fact...

I hereby decree that January 20th is now officially Have Sex With a Webcartoonist Day!  Hell, you know what, lets make that Have Sex With a Webcartoonist Week! (I'd go for a full month, but I've got to get some work done sometime).

So there you go folks.  Come tomorrow, find yourself a webcartoonist and let the celebration begin!  Hopefully my phone will be working again by then...





17 / JAN / 06 - 1258 CST : "Body Types"

Well the week off was fun while it lasted, but to be honest I'm kinda glad to be back to making new strips.

I tell ya, it felt rather weird at first to write a strip that has nothing to do with mythical fat men, or zombies, but I managed to make it through somehow.

Aside from drawing Frank in a slightly different way, and using hues that are a bit more toned down to colour the characters, you may notice that I switched the font I was using.  I'm not sure yet if it's for the better, but I'm going to be playing around with it for the next couple weeks I think.  I actually feel that the text could stand to be a bit smaller than it is now, which would be nice if I that proves to be true.  After all, I do like to get my "blah, blah, blah" on fairly often, so the more text I can squeeze in the better I think.

Also, I'm just about done a new Geek Tragedy wallpaper. So if you'd like to take a look at the inked work for it, just go ahead and vote and you'll be able to catch a glimpse of Starsky and Hutch for the modern age.

Well for once I've actually managed to post everything I wanted to well before I feel the need to crawl off to sleep.  So with any luck I'll be able to post a bit more here later on before I head off to bed.  

If I don't though, take care folks!





15 / JAN / 06 - 1641 CST : Oh how I wish I were sleeping...

It's amazing just how tired a person can feel, and yet still not be able to get to sleep...

Well seeing a how I'm awake I figured I post a quick hello, and give a quick update.

I've now posted the "revamped" pic of Noname on the "Thanks for Voting!" page, so you may want to check it out.  He hasn't changed much, but I thought you folks may want to take a peek.

As well, you can expect the coloured versions of both the last strip, and "It Begins - Pt. II" to be posted tomorrow.  I know there are a few other strips that still need colouring, but at the moment those two are the ones that I know for sure will be done on Monday.

And remember, my week off is just about over and so the new strips start back up on Tuesday.

Oh yeah, and for the first time since I moved into my house, my office actually looks like an office now instead of a storage shed that had an unfortunate run in with an exploding garbage bin.  If I can get my long neglected webcam to work, I'll try and see if I can take a few screen caps for y'all to see.

Well that's all for now folks.  I'll leave you with this little pic of Bo that I did up for myself as sort of a style guide so that I can draw him with a bit more consistency than I have in the past. 





13 / JAN / 06 - 1243 CST : Casey looks so damn good, you'd think it was guest art again...

Those of you who have been coming to the site for a while know that I don't often stroke myself in public when it comes to my own artwork.  However, I have to say that once it was all coloured up the "revamped" pic of Casey I did looked pretty damn (insert hip pop culture word or phrase that means "good" here)!  Can I get a "wha, wha!"

Yeah okay...I promise I won't ever do that "wha, wha!" thing again...sorry.

Still, I'm pretty proud of how the pic turned out.  If you'd like to see feel free to click on the VOTE button to the left there.

And for you folks that have missed the previous "revamp" pics, don't worry, I'll be posting them on the site eventually.

Well that's it for now.  I'm hoping to have some, if not all of the site content I've been working on up by the end of the weekend.  And remember, come Tuesday my "week off" is over and new strips will start up three times a week again.





11 / JAN / 06 - 1313 CST : I wish I could do it to myself...

Two things I wanted to let you guys know about.

The revamps continue! 

I've posted the revamped version of Grey on the "Thanks for voting!" page.  Not much has changed with the little guy, but the one thing you may notice is that I kind of toned down the size of his ears a bit.  I've also made them look a bit more ear like too.  You might have noticed that I did this with Frank's ears as well, and intend to do with all of the core characters.

Aside from that, I'm also trying out a few other subtle stylistic changes, but nothing too noticeable I think.  Anyway, by the end of the week you should have had a chance to see each of the slightly modified GT crew, and I hope you like what you see.

We may experience technical difficulties...

While I do a bit of tinkering with the site over the next week or so, you may find that the site is either down, or a bit messed up for (what I hope are) short periods of time.  I apologize in advance is this ends up being the case, and I promise you I will do my best to keep any downtime to a minimum.

Thanks for your patience!

Alrighty, time to fire up the bulldozer again and get back to cleaning my office.





10 / JAN / 06 - 1243 CST : Just when you thought it was over...


I haven't fully decided yet, but I may do a write up for the "With Apologies" section regarding some of the questions I've received regarding the CDotD storyline.  I was hoping to have finally laid that topic to rest, but it seems a few folks were curious (or in some cases unclear) about certain events that did, or did not take place over the past month or so.  So if I do whip something up, maybe I'll be able to shed some light on the subject for you fine people.

An all-inclusive one week stay in packrat heaven...

Even though I'm taking a week off from the strip this week, that doesn't mean that I won't be working on the site.  In fact, I'm hoping to get a few projects done around here that I've been wanting to do for quite a while.  Some of these things are sort of backend technical tasks that I won't bother getting into, but I'll be sure to let you know here of anything new that shows up on the site content wise.

Outside of working on the site I also have a few other task in mind that I'm hoping to put some time into (I never did get to read that book I bought over the Christmas Holidays).  The largest one being to give my office a total overhaul.

You see when I first moved into my house I set aside a room to be used as my office, which also doubled as sort of a temporary storage area for everything that I hadn't quite found a place for.  That was over a year ago now, and sadly most of the "temporary" clutter in here still hasn't moved an inch.  In fact, because about 80% of the time I spend at home is within this one room, said clutter has only gotten worse.

Much, much, MUCH worse.

In a room that measures roughly 11x11 feet, I currently have only enough open floor space to wheel my chair between my computer, and my drafting board.  A path that works out to be only about 3 feet in length.  On top of which, I am currently surrounded by what can only be described as make-shift "bunker" of empty (and in some cases, not so empty) pop cans, partially finished bottles of flavored water, crumpled up bags that once contained various delicious snack foods, and ample amounts of discarded Bristol board.

Now as you might have already guessed, I'm not the tidiest person on the planet, and so I can put up with quite a lot when it comes to working within a sea of chaotic squalor...but even I have my limits.  And those limits were reached about 6 months ago.

If I can, I'll try to remember to take before and after pics of exactly what it is I'm talking about here, and then post them on the site so that y'all can truly appreciate that arduous task that I have set for myself in the next few days.  But if I don't, take my word for it, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Well that's all for now folks.  I'll have a new pic of one of the (slightly) revamped Geek Tragedy characters up tomorrow on the "Thank for voting!" page.

Till then,




09 / JAN / 06 - 1259 CST : Almost forgot...

One thing I definitely wanted to mention today though was that when the new strips do start up again next week, you'll notice that some of the characters will have had slight revamps to their looks.  Nothing too drastic, just small touches here and there.

If you'd like to see what I mean, I posted a pic of Frank with his new hairstyle on the "Thank you for voting!" page over at the Webcomics List. So in order to take a peek (or if you just want to help out the site) please vote!




1253 CST : Post-storyline wrap-up...

Hey folks.

A few things I wanted to mention today;

The day is done...

Yesterday's strip finally marked the end of the Christmas Day of the Dead saga.  Now before I get into my thoughts on the story, I just wanted to mention that I fixed up the spelling mistakes (or at least the ones I spotted anyway) in the last strip and its title.  As well, I know there are a few mistakes in some of the past strips, and I'll be getting to those throughout the week (thanks to everyone who point them out to me btw).  Now that we've got that out of the way...

I have a lot mixed feelings when it comes to the CDotD story.  The one main negative comment that I have about it would have to be that I just don't think the story quite flowed the way I had intended it to.  Mostly I think this was due to the fact that a lot of the tale was edited out on the fly as it unfolded. This in turn ended up giving kind of a "rushed" feel to the whole thing in my opinion (especially near the end).

To give you sort of an idea as to just how much was taken out of the story, here is a short list of some of the plot points that never did make it to your computer screens:

Annie-May and Manga's triumphant return to Geek Tragedy.

FBI agents Stan and Marty weigh in on the zombie crisis, and discuss the differences between Santa and Buddha. 

Frank goes out to rescue Bo from the zombies, not Noname.

Noname battles both zombies and shoppers at the mall.

Grey is actually given more than the insanely tiny roll he has in the current incarnation of the story.

Plus there are a few other smaller parts that were left out or altered that I won't get into.

On the positive side though, I feel that having to produce the amount of work that the CDotD required me to do really did help to further sharpen my meager art skills.  Also I learned a lot about what works, and doesn't work in regards to page layouts, and the strip in general.  

For example; I discovered that trying to do full page strips three times a week was maybe not such a good direction for the site to be taking at this point in my life.  At least not if I wanted to still have a life outside of the Geek Tragedy universe.

Anyway, regardless of how I feel about the strip, I do hope that at the very least you guys enjoyed most of it.  And with any luck, you'll be able to seeing the unedited director's cut version by the time next Christmas rolls around. 

Oh, and I do promise to eventually go back and colour all the past strips that I left black and white...one day.

Alrighty!  I had more that I wanted to tell you, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Before I go though, please keep in mind that I will be taking this week off from doing strips.  So even though I still hope to have a few pics for you folks to check out, and I'll be doing my best to post here everyday, there won't be any new strips posted till Tuesday of next week.

That's all for now.  Talk to y'all later,





08 / JAN / 06 - 1756 CST : "Christmas Day of the Dead - Pt. XV"

Well it's finally over!  

Or at least it will be once I've gone back and coloured all the black and white strips that I've done over the past couple of months.  I'll try my best to get that all finished up during my week off from the strips.

I'll be sure to post more on that tomorrow, but for now I better head off to bed.





05 / JAN / 06 - 1755 CST : "Christmas Day of the Dead - Pt. XIV"

Okay, the next strip is up now.  Sorry for the delay.

1715 CST : Sorry folks...

I had some company over, and I didn't think they'd find it too entertaining to watch me sit at the computer and finish off the strip, so I wasn't able to get it posted this morning like I wanted to.  Figured I'd mention it for those of you who've been checking out the forum, and saw that I was 90% finished it but were wondering why it hadn't been posted yet.

I'm back at it now so it'll be up shortly.



04 / JAN / 06 - 1037 CST : Thanks...

I've received some very nice feedback from a few of you out there regarding the last strip and I just wanted to say thanks.  It means a lot to hear from you guys, and know that you're enjoying what you're seeing.

I'm going to try and get a decent amount of sleep today for a change, and I'll be finishing off the current strip after I get up.  Luckily I have the night off of work tonight so I'll have a good chunk of time later on to do so.

Till then,




03 / JAN / 06 - 1800 CST : "Christmas Day of the Dead - Pt. XIII"

The strip is now up.  Or at least most of it is.

Off to bed folks.



1055 CST : Lets have a moment, shall we...


I've finally gotten around to updating the "of the moment" box (it's in the upper right hand corner there).  Do yourself a favour and click it!  Trust me, if you can stomach the song, you're in for one hellova good laugh.  Be warned though, it requires sound, so you may not want to fire it up at work if music is a no-no.

Longest day (of the Dead) ever...

I'm usually too tired to do a decent write up about the day's strip by the time I get around to posting it, so once again I'm going to say a few words about it before it's actually up.

I always try to end each installment of Geek Tragedy with a laugh.  If not a laugh, then a chuckle.  And if not a chuckle, then I try to leave you with a smile.  And if I can't leave you with a smile, well then I'll just have to assume that you're a cold hearted bastard and there is just no pleasing you.  I mean seriously, why ya gotta be like that?

However, if you remember correctly part eleven of CDotD (that's short for Christmas Day of the Dead, 'cause there was just no way I was going to type...it...out...again...DAMN IT!) didn't exactly end with much of a punch line.  Actually it didn't end with a punch line at all.  For that I am sorry, and can only give you my word that, that type of ending will be a rare exception to the rule.

Why bring this up now you may ask?  Well because today's strip will in fact be one of those rarities that end on a less then happy note...albeit temporarily. 

You see, when I post it, I'll be leaving out the last third of it for a while (no longer than 24 hours though).  There are two reasons for this.  One, because I feel that delaying the last third of the strip will add a lot more weight to what transpires in the first seven panels, and will in turn allow the story to take what I feel will be a much needed dramatic pause.

And secondly because I'm not totally sure I'll be able to get the entire page coloured before my body succumbs to the need for sleep, but there is no real need to dwell on this point so let's move on, shall we?

So there you go folks.  Fair warning that today's strip may be a bit light on the funny-ha-ha.  Sorry about that.  But if you were coming here today looking for a good laugh, you can always click the "of the moment" box again!

Well, that's all for now.  Back to the old PhotoSweatShop for me.





02 / JAN / 06 - 1310 CST : I'm not lazy...

I just really suck at doing this webcomic thing!

Hey folks.  Allow me to give you a little bit of insight as to why it takes me so damn long sometimes to get one of these full page strips done.

You see, sometimes I get really hung up on one particular panel of the strip and just keep fussing with it, and redoing it over and over till I'm happy.  Most of the time when I do this, the initial sketches don't get past the pencils stage.  Sometimes however, I don't realize just how wrong something is until it's inked.

Take this next strip for example.  The first panel was supposed to depict "a badly beaten Sugarplum laying on the ground, looks up towards Frank (who is standing outside of the panel)" and asks him why he didn't turn into a zombie.  

"You know, from down here it kinda looks like you're enjoying this a bit too much."


Here was my first attempt:

After I took a good look at it once it was inked I realized two things. One, Frank's fist in the foreground doesn't work as well as I thought I would.  And two, I really didn't care for the crosshatching all that much.  Okay, to be honest I did kinda liked how it turned out, but I knew I wasn't going to be doing it for the rest of the page, so there was no point in having it here.  Besides, I do most, if not all of my shading when I colour the strips so it wasn't really needed here.



"Now that the foreplay is over, take my you big hunk of man you!"


<---- My second go at it.

I decided to open it up a bit and show a lot more of both Sugarplum, and Frank this time.  I liked the idea of Plumie wiping blood from his mouth, but other than that I pretty much felt like this image was pure suckage in inked form.  I wasn't crazy on his pose (am I wrong, or does he look like he's kinda trying to seduce Frank here?), and the fact that the anatomy is rather messed up didn't help either.  Plus Frank's fist once again didn't quite work for me.

So it was back to the drawing board...


"Hmm...I've never soaked the lower half of my body in a big vat of pork and beans before...it actually feels kinda sexy."


Which brings me to my third go at it...

I came very close to being happy with this, but in the end two things really bothered me.  First, I felt the image worked a lot better when he was pointing up at Frank like he did in my first attempt.  Secondly, and maybe it's just me, but one this was inked it looked a lot like Sugarplum was chest deep in some sort of dark pit, as apposed to laying on the ground.  Frank and his fist of fury on the other hand (ugh, no pun intended), doesn't look half bad this time.




"Wow, Deja-vous!"

 <----- And so a fourth Sugarplum as born...

As you can tell, I went right back to where I started here.  Only this time, I nixed the cross hatching, and de-fisted Frank from the panel.  I noticed that I messed up Sugar-P's jaw a bit here, but at this point I was willing to let it slide.

At this point I moved on to the finishing off the rest of the strip.  Which of course is when I realized that Sweetprune here jumps from this position in the first panel, to a different position in the third panel far too quickly.  Which means of course...



"Please ignore the fact that I look like I'm wiping my nose with this finger."

I got to redo the panel a fifth time!

So after all that, I picked S.P. up off the floor, and leaned his ass up against a wall.  Luckily, this panel is perfect in every single way and so there is no need to change a thing!

Yeah, that's a lie.  In fact there are several things wrong with it, but but after spending God knows how long on ONE FREAKIN' PANEL I was, to paraphrase a very unromantic song, quite willing to give up on trying to be with the one I love, and just settle for loving the one I'm with. 

So there you have it.  A perfect example of of how not to produce a webcomic!

Oh, and by the way, the strip won't be up today.  I will however give you this little sneak peek though.







01 / JAN / 06 - 1500 CST : New Years Day just wouldn't be New Years Day...

Without a laundry list of things that are horribly wrong with your life that need changing.  But before I get to that I'd like to announce the winner of the Geek Tragedy voting reward draw.

Christy Leigh Rogowski (yes, the last name is close but I assure you we're not related) has won a copy of the the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon Book, a signed colour print, and a signed sketch.  For those of you who were wondering, she chose "Tragedy Strikes" (the very first strip I posted after the site's launch) as her print, and Frank as the character she'd like a sketch of.

I'd also like to mention that for managing to catch every single "code phrase" I posted, both Carrie Favela, and Ryan deGroot will receive signed prints of the strip of their choosing.

Congratz to the three of you, and thanks to everyone who voted last month.  I hope you find it in your hearts to keep clicking that little box to the left well into the New Year.

And speaking of the New Year, allow me to present to you...


Geek Tragedy's 2006 Top 5 New Years Resolutions


#5 - Put the Feng back into my Shui : Nine times out of ten I find strips that contain backgrounds have much more visual appeal to me than ones that don't. Unfortunately, while I do occasionally take the time to do a background up right, quite often I have a bad habit of letting this area of my work slide. So this year I'll to do my best to do more detailed backgrounds more often.

Barring that, I'd just be happy to get these guys off that freakin' green couch so I don't have to keep using that "portrait hanging on the wall" background every second strip!


#4 - Eat more artistic bran muffins : Overall I was rather pleased with the regularity in which I produced Geek Tragedy, however that consistency was kind of derailed near the end of the year. Granted that had a fair amount to do with my switching over to producing more full page strips more often in order to tell the current story, but that still doesn't change the fact that the Tues / Thurs / Sun update schedule that many of you had grown so used was totally thrown out the window.

Being a fan of webcomics myself, I know damn well that consistency is key. I've dropped many strips from my "must see" list because of infrequent, and / or chronically missed updates and I'd rather not go down that road myself. So while I may keep playing around with GT's format I will do absolute damnedest to make sure you've got new strips coming at ya three times a week in 2006 (right after I take that week off I've been looking forward to).


#3 - Write makes right : A lot of my time this last year went into learning PhotoShop, webdesign, housekeeping, cooking, and relearning the ins and outs of drawing, inking, and having a life. And while I still have a lot of learning left to do, I feel that I might finally be able to focus a little less of my time in those areas, and get back to doing a bit more of the writing that I used to do when the site first launched.

Granted I don't consider myself a modern-day Mark Twain, but that doesn't change the fact that I still do like to make with the keyboard yabba-jabber. Unfortunately most of my blog entries this past year seemed to be of the "Strip is up. Ed go bed now," variety. And so this year I aspire to put finger to keyboard that little more often (at least once a day would be idea, but I think I'll set my sights a little lower to begin with).

Of course I'm not exactly sure if my writing more is something you folks will find to be a welcome change, or just a reintroduction of a past torture that you had hoped was never to be repeated. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

(oh, and I'll try to work on my e-mail response time this year too)


#2 - Get a bigger freezer : Seriously, the bodies are really starting to pile up, and you can only cut them up so much. Though I suppose I could always choose shorter victims but…

Sorry, just wanted to see if y'all were still paying attention.


#1 - I shall go forth and buy a big fuzzy hat and leopard print jacket : I straight up suck at self promotion. I am in fact the anti-pimp. It's just that simple.

When I'm talking to friends who already know about the site I can go on and on about Geek Tragedy until they get that glassy-eyed, silently-praying-for-death- to-take-them-away-so-they-don't-have-to-listen-to-me-anymore look on their face. However, put me in a room full of people who have never heard of the site before and you practically have to hook up a car battery to my nethers before you'll get the address out of me.

I tell ya, if it wasn't for the fact that I've been blessed with some very supportive, and vocal friends, family, and fans I very much doubt one would need more fingers than the average high school shop teacher has in order to count up the number of daily visitors that come to check out GT. And while I'm very grateful for all the pimpin' these fine folks have done for me in the past, and I'm sure will continue to do in future, it's high time that I step and start taking a much more active roll in this area.

I've been given a ton of very good suggestions that I can put into action in order to increase traffic to the site, and most of them won't even cost me dime. And as for the ones that do require a bit of coin, I've already started to set aside some funds so hopefully I'll be able to work those into the mix as well.

So look for the GT logo to show up on / in a few ads, comic shops, websites, milk cartons, tattoo parlors, or wherever in 2006. And look for me to show up at a few comic con, sci-fi cons, dog shows, livestock auctions, bars and bar mitzvahs.

Oh yeah, and you have my solemn vow that one day there will in fact be GT-shirts too. So please, I beg of you, quit asking me about them! Seriously, every time you ask me about T-shirts a unicorn dies. No, it's true! So if you don't want to quit asking for my sake, do it for the unicorns.

Poor little buggers…


So there you have it folks.  A whole list of things that, like most New Year's resolution, will probably be abandoned and / or forgotten long before we've even hit February.

Well that's all for now.  Keep a look out for a new strip sometime tomorrow.  Till then,




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