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March '06



30 / MAR / 06 - 1448 CST : "Animal Wrongs"

Some of you may have already noticed that I've had the new strip up for a couple of hours now, but for those of you who haven't, allow me to be the first to give you the good news.

The new strip is up.

Now I rarely turn to current events or headlines for ideas when it comes to the comic.  Some of the time this is due to the fact that I'm usually too wrapped up in an ongoing storyline to be able to work breaking news into the strip, but mostly it's because I almost never bother with news to begin with so it's rare that I even know what the hell is going on in the world around me.  However, this particular story did managed to somehow seep through my protective bubble of ignorance and make it's way into the GT universe.

I'll try not to let such things happen again in the future.

Cross-dressers and zombies...yummy!

In non-site related news, if any of you are fans of cult films or even just movies in general, I highly suggest you check out Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream.    It's a very engrossing documentary that focuses on some of the most influential low / no budget moves of the early to late 70's and how they impacted not just the film industry and movie goers, but our culture in general.  

And while I thought that I would've been most interested in the part of the film that dealt with Romero's "Night of the Living Dead", it was actually the discussion about "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" that I ended up enjoying the most.  Specifically when it turned to the topic of how the fans themselves in a sense became part of that movie.  In my mind it really helps bring into light just how influential / inspirational "the fan" can be to the very thing that they care so much about. 

All dressed up, but nowhere to vote...

Oh, and on a slightly site related note, I know some of you out there have been stumbling upon my site looking for answers as to what happened to webcomicslist.com.  I've also received more than a few e-mails from some of you asking me if maybe I know what's going on.  

Well the truth is I do know what happened to the Webcomics List, but unfortunately I can't really get into it.  All I can say at this point...lesbian cyborgs.

Damn it!  I've said too much!



PS:  I actually don't know shit about why the site was taken down.  If any of you do however, please drop me and e-mail and let me know 'cause I'm kinda curious myself.



29 / MAR / 06 - 1211 CST : Pop quiz hotshot...

Which one of the following did I not do today?

a) Bake cookies.

b) Mail out all the out of town GT-Shirt orders.

c) Make sweet, sweet love to a beautiful woman.

Well if you picked "C"...what's up with that?  I mean sure you're right, but what was wrong with picking "A", huh?  Is "C" really that far fetched that you just had to pick it over me baking cookies?  Why you gotta be such a jerk about it?  What, like you're some sort of mad sex magnet that you can just snap your fingers and...

Anyway, all the out of town orders are now in the mail, so hopefully the shirts will be in your hands within a week or so.  When you do end up getting them, please feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you think.  Any feedback will be more than welcome.

Alrighty.  I've got more work ahead of me so I'll talk to you folks tomorrow when the strip is up.






28 / MAR / 06 - 1707 CST : "Cold Vengeance"

Well folks, spring seems to have finally sprung here in my neck of the woods, and I couldn't be happier to see all this freakin' snow disappear.  Which I think goes a long way towards explaining where the idea for today's strip came from.

Well I'm heading to bed.  I'll be sure to drop by tomorrow though if for no other reason than to let the interested parties know once I've finished mailing off their GT-Shirts.



1259 CST : They're on their way...

For those of you who ordered shirts I just wanted to let you know that they're being shipped off tomorrow.  I had planned to do this yesterday (or today at the absolute latest) but there were some packaging issues that needed to be resolved between me and Canada post first.  

Due to the extra delay though I've had enough time to include a little sketch in with each of the orders.  My way of saying both thanks, and sorry for the wait.

Okay, back to the strip.





26 / MAR / 06 - 1852 CST : "Enter Wren - Pt. IV"

At long last we have the newest strip.

Off to bed.


1418 CST : Creature of habit...

Ed's Webcomic Tip #42:  If one of your characters is wearing a coat for the first three parts of a story, don't suddenly draw him wearing his bowling shirt in the fourth installment.  However, if you do make this mistake, at the very least try to catch it before you ink the damn strip!

"Enter Wren - Pt. IV" should be up in a couple hours or so.


1034 CST : 'Cause I'm all about the ladies...

Hey folks.

Just checking in to let you know that the strip will be up later on today as usual.  And to also let you know that all the ladies style Geek Tragedy T-shirts are now sold out.

Which brings to mind something that has always kind of pleasantly surprised me about this strip's audience.  Now I've never consciously tried to make GT a "boy's club" type of comic, but I can see how it would appeal more to a male type demographic.  Yet over the past year I couldn't help but notice that there is in fact a strong female presence within the strip's fan base.

As someone who has been lucky enough to have had a lot of strong, caring and thoughtful women in my life dating back well before I ever started the site, I'm thrilled to have seen this develop.  And while I had always planned to eventually add Wren as a cast member from the get go, I now feel that her appearance within the strip is more important than simply a need to "add a chick to the mix".

Granted Blue Bird was the first reoccurring female character to show up in the storyline, but given her limitations within the story structure (in that she can only interact with Casey, and for the most part has a rather detached view of the GT universe)  there is only so much I can do with her.  Whereas Wren will have a much stronger ability to put a woman's perspective on things.  Plus, while Noname, Casey and Grey will often take Frank to task over certain things, I think it's rather important that Wren is now around to call him on some of the shit that the rest of the guys may otherwise let slide.

Of course Frank will always be Frank, so I don't think you ever have to worry about him setting aside his love of strippers for a ball of yarn and knitting needles just because his sister's in town.

Anyway, at the risk of sounding like a "momma's boy", or a "girly man" I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all the women who have helped me with the strip, my life, and in some cases with my finances over the years.  I'd list y'all here individually but unfortunately none of you have been able to do much to improve my memory, and I'd rather not risk forgetting to mention even one of you.  'Cause some of you like to hit...hard.

Alrighty, I think that's far more of an Oprah moment than both the site and myself really needed.  So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do manly things like chop wood, leave the toilet seat up, and draw boobies so that I can try and purge this touchy-feely stuff from my system.






24 / MAR / 06 - The shirts are here! The shirts are here!

And they look great!

I have to admit I was a little worried that the text above each of the characters heads wouldn't come out quite as clear as I would've liked, but now that I've seen them I can honestly say that is definitely not the case!  My thanks go out to Wayne and Rich over at A Brick Shirt House for both their fine work, and their great customer service.

Now for all of you who have put in preorders you can expect your shirts to be in the mail and on the way to you by Monday.

For those of you who haven't ordered yet I'll be putting up a couple pics of the shirts so you can see for yourselves how wonderful they turned out.  Remember though, I didn't order too much in the way of extra stock, plus some of those that I did order I'll be holding on to for the upcoming cons.  So from here on out once a shirt of a certain size in this design is sold out, that's it.  'Cause after they're gone, I'll be retiring this design and coming up with a new one.

Oh, and I've been out of the house running around all day so I still haven't had a chance to colour the last strip yet.  Hopefully soon though.

Alrighty, that's all for now.



1044 CST : T-day!

Hey folks!

Well today's the day that I'm supposed to be able to pick up the GT-shirts from the printers, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about it.  Once they're in my hot little hands, and I've had a chance to package up the out off town orders I'll be sure take a pic of them so y'all can see how they turned out.

Well I've got some more running around to do today, so I'll talk with y'all later.




23 / MAR / 06 - 1706 CST : "Enter Wren - Pt. III"

I ended up having a lot of running around to do today, so I was only able to get the strip done in black and white for now.  I have tomorrow off though, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to do it up all colourful like then.

More to say on Friday, but for now I need to catch some sleep.





22 / MAR / 06 - 1937 CST : Before I forget again...

Hey folks.

I just wanted to drop by to let you know about my plans this year as far as cons go.  I've been meaning to mention this like a dozen times in the past few months, but I kept forgetting.

There are two cons that I'd like to get to this year (well okay, I'd pretty much like to get to about a hundred cons this year, but I'm shooting for at least two).  The first of which is Connecticon in Hartford, CT on the weekend of July 7 - 9th.  From what I've heard and read this particular convention does a lot to gear itself towards webcomics.  Which is something that, oddly enough, appeals to me a great deal.

As of this writing, Connecticon is about as close to a definite go for me as you can get.  If I had to put some sort of number to it that is in no way based on any real mathematical data, I'd say I'm 97.3% sure I'll be going.

The other one I'm hoping to have a table at is Wizard World Chicago, which takes place in Chicago, IL if I'm not mistaken, from August 3 - 6th.  There are quite a few reasons I want to attend this one, not the least of which being that I have it on good authority that if I do head out there I can tag along and go bowling with the folks from Chicago Force.

However, as of late this one has become a bit of a toss up as to whether or not I'll be able to make it, but we'll see.

As far as local cons go (of which there are next to none) I'll be attending KeyCon here in Winnipeg. MB on May 19 - 21st.  I'm not getting a table or anything mind you, I'll just be heading out to enjoy the local Sci-Fi / Fantasy flava!  There was talk of setting up a Geek Tragedy booze pit...uh...I mean "Hospitality Suite", but that kinda fell through.  So as an alternate plan my friends and I intend to go on a weekend drinking binge instead...uh...I mean...no, actually drinking binge sounds about right.

Anyway, I'll be sure to update y'all on the con situation as time goes on, but for now that's pretty much where things stand for me.

Alrighty, I'll talk to ya tomorrow when the strip is up.





20 / MAR / 06 - 1743 CST : "Viewer Feedback - Pt. V"

Hey all.

Yes, today's strip is kind of snarky, but after this last weekend I think I'm entitled to a bit of pissiness.  Besides, a guy can get pretty tired of suffering through shit with a smile all the time.

And when you read it, keep in mind that I'm well aware of just how shaky the ground I'm standing on is when it comes to ragging on others for their spelling and grammar mistakes, but I think in this case it's warranted.

Oh, and sorry to took so long to finish.  Once again I tried to fit a novel's worth of text into far too small of a space.



1117 CST : I think that's it for the list...

Well it's been a few days now and I'm beginning to wonder if WebcomicsList.com isn't gone for good.  I'll give it a bit more time, but if it is toast I may go ahead and jump onto another voting list...or perhaps even just forgo that sorta thing all together from now on.

Hey, maybe instead of the voting sketches I'll just create a "Sketch a Day" area for the site or something that you folks don't even have to vote to see.  Of course I'd rather add a few extra strips per week, but it's looking less and less like I'd be able to handle that right now.

Speaking of mishandling things, the strip for later on today will dip into the GT mail bag once again (we'll get back to Frank's sister on Thursday) and address the problems the site encountered this weekend.  Or more specifically what my web host's tech support team had to say about it.

Anyway, I better get back to it.  See y'all later when I'm done.




19 / MAR / 06 - 1723 CST : Just wondering...

I've done some minor touch-ups to today's strip.  Nothing too big.  In fact you may not even notice the difference.

Oh, and btw, does anyone know of any good web host?  

Wha?  Oh, no reason.  I'm just curious.

If you do, please drop me an e-mail, and if I'm lucky I'll actually be able to access my e-mail and read it.  Or you could post the info on the forum, only that shit's all gone now it seems.

Maybe you should just write me a bloody letter, as the postal service seems to be the only option available to me right now.  Unless of course my web host figures out some way to fuck that up too.

Later (I can only hope),


1324 CST : "Enter Wren - Pt. II"

The site itself may not be working all that well at the moment, but for once I seem to be functioning perfectly fine.  In fact I've even managed to get today's strip done slightly ahead of schedule.

Talk to y'all tomorrow.


PS:  Oh yeah, and WebcomicsList.com is still down, so I haven't been able to update the sketch there yet.  However, once the site comes back up, so will the new sketches.

1248 CST : Weird shit...

I'm not exactly sure what the hell is up with the site right now (and I never will unless my web hosting provider gets back to me about it).  One moment it's up, and then it's down again.  Then it comes back up yet again, only it's been rolled back to yesterday's update.  On top of which, my e-mail is now on the fritz too.

And has anyone been able to reach the forum at all in the last 24 hours? I didn't think so.

Oh yeah, and updating the site is proving a might bit difficult at the moment.

Well whatever's going on it seems to be totally outta my hands, so I guess all I can do at this point is wait it out.

Truth be told though, I'm quickly losing my patience.


0636 CST : I didn't touch a thing, I swear...

My site was down for I'm not sure how long last night.  And now that it's up again, the forum doesn't seem to be working.

I don't know what's up with all of this, but I am currently waiting for a few answers from the site's hosts.  So when I know more, you'll know more.

Oh, and Webcomics List is still down too.  So it looks like I'm not the only one dealing with a few issues this weekend.





18 / MAR / 06 - 1051 CST : Today's sketch...

Hey folks. 

I may not be able to get today's sketch up today because WebcomicsList.com seems to be down right now.  If it's up before I head to bed though I'll be sure to put a new one up.  Otherwise I'll post it just as soon as I'm awake and logged on.






17 / MAR / 06 - 1933 CST : "Enter Wren : Pt. I"

It's up now.  

Sorry it took so long.

Off to bed.

- Ed

1744 CST : Not my funnest day ever...

The strip will be up today, come hell or high water! I swear it!

- Ed

1403 CST : While you're waiting...

Here is today's voting sketch.  

Continuing on with the GT / X-Men theme I give you the next sneak peek at the newest Geek Tragedy Wallpaper. 

Casey as : Professor X!

The strip should be up in a few hours.  Sorry about how the times I've been posting the strips have been all over the place as of late.  I'll try my best to get back to the regular time of having them up (around 2pm) by next week.


1017 CST : It's coming...

Hey folks.

The strip will be up later today for sure (not exactly sure what time, but definitely sometime today).  Sorry about the delay.

But before I get back to work on it...

If you check out Peter Tarkulich's comic Bardsworth today, you might notice that one of his character's has somehow managed to score himself a Geek Tragedy T-shirt before anyone else.  I can only assume that Mike used some sort of dark magic to conjure up such an item.

As well if you happen to see Ali Graham of HOUSD fame wandering around anywhere, give the man a hug...or visit his site...either one is good.  I had to contact him recently and I can honestly say that not only is he a class act, but also a real asset to the webcomic community as far as I'm concerned. 

Oh, and I've been meaning to mention this for a while too but it kept slipping my mind.  If you're looking for a good way to promote your webcomic (or some other type of site for that matter) and your on kind of a tight budget, well you might want to think about buying a sponsor spot over at D.J. Coffman's Yirmumah.  From first hand experience I can honestly say that it's well worth the money.

I know this info may not mean much to anyone who doesn't have a webcomic of their own, but I just thought I'd share it anyway.  I've been dabbling in buying small, inexpensive sponsor spots and bits of ad space on various sites for the past couple of months now, and it's proving to be quite worthwhile for the most part.  In the future, for those of you who are interested,  after each spot has run it's course I'll be sure to pass along more info regarding which spots I find have worked the best for me.

Well, I better get back at it now.





16 / MAR / 06 - 1308 CST : Sorry folks...

The strip will in fact be delayed till tomorrow.

In the mean time though I leave you with another sneak peek at the next Geek Tragedy wallpaper (and you don't even have to vote to see this one). I give you...


By the way, this pic is actually much bigger than the original drawing is.  Now I may prefer to ink by hand (though to tell the truth I hate inking by any method), but giving it's size there is no way I would've been able to ink this pic anywhere near as well if it wasn't for digital inking.



1003 CST : Back to the spandex...

Hey folks.

Right off the bat I need to let you know that the strip may not be up until tomorrow.  Last night I had to channel some of my "strip time" towards a couple of other art projects that I've already put off for too long (one is site related, while the other doesn't quite fit into that category), and it looks like I'll have to continue to borrow from that time pool for at least part of today.

I'm still going to try my best to get a black and white version of today's strip up at the very least, but there are no guarantees on that at this point.  What I will guarantee though is that if the strip isn't up today, it'll definitely be up tomorrow.

In the mean, let me give you a sneak peek at part of this month's Geek Tragedy wallpaper.  Not only is it of one of my favorite X-men of all time, it's also my favorite voting sketch to date.

I call it "Greycrawler!"

Okay, I'll be back around 2pm or so to let you know how the strip situation is progressing.





15 / MAR / 06 - 1617 CST : Sketch and go...

Today's voting sketch is yet another one of my attempts to perfect the way I'd like women to look in GT.  Don't worry though, I should be getting back to drawing the crew as superheroes again very soon.



Oh, and I've got everything running properly again with my FilmLoop.  Also, if you check out the FilmLoop site you'll see my loop is now listed in the "Features" section under "humor".  I think that'll go a long way to helping people find it, as it means they'll no longer have to hunt through the hundreds of other loops out there located in the public section.





14 / MAR / 06 - 1907 CST : Wow, am I ever going to be tired at work tonight...

Okay here is the new vote pic.  It's some very early design sketchs of Noname, Frank, and Grey.  These were not only done before Geek Tragedy went live, but also before Casey was ever invented. 

Oh, and I've added the newest strip to my FilmLoop, but I was having a bit of trouble connecting to the network so you may not be able to see it just yet.  I'll look into it more tomorrow if it's still not viewable by then.



1623 CST : "Casting Call - Pt. I"

Okay, it's up.  Sorry that took so long.  The colouring was a bit more involved than I thought it would be.

I'll be back with a voting sketch soon.


1247 CST : Progress report...

Just wanted to drop by and let y'all know that the newest strip and voting sketch should be up around 5pm or so.

As well, I'd like to welcome everyone who's joined the Geek Tragedy FilmLoop so far.  I'm still not totally sure how I'll be utilizing that feature, but in the future you can probably count on seeing some content there that will be exclusive only to the loop.  And of course I'll be looping various strips (new and old) each week.

Well I best be getting back to colouring the strip.






13 / MAR / 06 - 1325 CST : Coming to a strip near you...

Hey folks.

Here's the new voting sketch.  It's a preliminary attempt at one of the "audition" characters that will show up in tomorrow's strip.  So in a way I guess you can think of it as sort of a sneak preview of what's to come.  

I should mention though that this particular character is...well you see it's...uh...not something I normally draw and...well I...yeah.  I don't really have anything else to say about that.

For now I call her Miss B.

Oh, before I go I should also mention that it's been confirmed that the Geek Tragedy T-shirts will be ready for me to pick up on March the 24th.  So for all of you who have preordered, you can expect to get your shirt as early as the end of this month!

And for those you who who haven't ordered yet, keep in mind that you can still buy shirts, but quantities are limited.  And once this style of shirt is sold out, it's being retired.  

Wait, so I guess that makes it a limited edition collector's item, huh?

Oooh!  That sounds good!  

Buy your "Limited Collector's Edition" Geek Tragedy T-shirts today!

I actually had  a few other things I wanted to tell ya today too, but I'll have to leave them till tomorrow when I'm not too tired to even think straight.





12 / MAR / 06 - 1715 CST : I'm now in the Loop...

One more thing before I head to bed.  D.J. Coffman over at Yirmumah made some posts on his site about a little thing called FilmLoop, and after doing some snooping around I've gone ahead and checked it out myself.  

Basically from what I understand FilmLoop is a program (oh, and after reading up on it, and trying it out myself I've also found it to be a "completely safe" program) that allows people to "subscribe" to various channels (or "loops").  These loops all contain whatever pics that the person who started it has put into them, and can be viewed from both the web, and from your computer's desktop.  I should also note that it's painfully easy for folks to go about creating loops of their own and share them with others.

And the best thing about it?  It's totally free to download, subscribe to various loops, and make loops of your own.  All of which I've now done by the way.

So if you'd like to check it out, please go ahead and click on my little banner below, and subscribe to my Loop.  And hey, if it's not your cup of tea you can always remove it later.


Okay folks, I'm heading to bed.




1553 CST : "Paper / Plastic - Pt. VII"

And so ends the "Paper / Plastic" saga. Looking at this comic, and then back at the rest of the ones I did for this storyline, it would seem that at some point I've managed to develop a rather unhealthy fixation on bodily fluids.  Let it be known though that I am now fully aware of this quirk in my personality and will try my best to fix it.

Or at the very least 'll stop letting it affect the strips.

Oh, I'd also like to mention that what Grey is wearing in the first and second panels is without a doubt my most favorite thing that I've ever dressed any of my characters in.

Later folks,


0728 CST : When it finally happens, it's gonna be ugly...


I'm changing up the voting sketch a bit early today.  The reason being is I'm pretty sure that I'll be thick in the middle of a project when I normally post it, and if things are going well I'd rather not have to break my concentration.

So here you go folks.  Sort of a little stare-down between Frank and his arch-nemesis Mr. Bojangles.


Oh yeah, and it looks like today's strip will be the final installment of "Paper / Plastic" instead of "The Auditions" strip I've been working on.  I mean I might as well get one storyline completely out of the way before I go ahead and start another, right?





11 / MAR / 06 - 1437 CST : Shortcomings...

Hey folks.

I like to think that I'm fairly self-aware when it comes to both my own personal flaws, and those of my webcomic.  For example one thing I consider to be a major shortcoming of mine is how poorly I tend to draw women.  Now I find this to be particularly frustrating because after spending the better part of my life studying the female body in all it's curvy splendor, you'd think by now I'd know how to draw the ladies with my damn eyes close.

Well for today's sketch I've decided to show you a drawing I did a while ago of a one shot character that was supposed to make it into the strip by never did.  Why didn't she make it in?  Because something about her creeped me out way too much.  

For some reason that happens a lot when I try to draw women for the strip.  I think in part it has to do with the fact that the style I use for drawing GT gives my character's huge freakin' heads compared to size of their bodies.  And even though that seems to work well visually for the men, it's not so successful when I attempt to draw the fairer sex.

Of course it also doesn't help that I'm still not quite up to snuff with my knowledge of anatomy yet either, but enough bitching about my artistic abilities. I give you today's voting the sketch.


Oh, and while I'm on the subject of my faults, I often feel that I just don't take as active a roll in the webcomic community as I should.  At least not when compared to a lot of the other creators I see out there.  Hell, for the most part I get so wrapped up in doing GT that I rarely take the time to even look around and check out many other webcomics (outside of the small handful that I read on a regular basis that is), never mind get involved in "the community".

Well in an effort to remedy that I spent a few hours today checking out as many different webcomics as I could.  And of all the ones that I looked at this one (from a comic called FAIL!) made me laugh the hardest.  I stumbled on it through a link I found on another great webcomic done by a guy named Steve Napierski called The Outer Circle (which just so happens to have hit the big one year mark as well, only he updates 7 days a weeks instead of three like me, so naturally I hate him!).

Anyway, hopefully I'll be dropping a few more links for you guys to check out on a regular basis from now on.  And then one day I may actually get my links page up and running too!

Okay, sleep time.




10 / MAR / 06 - 1339 CST : Going old school with Grey...

Back before the site was even close to being up, when I was just starting to develop each character's look I would always draw Grey wearing a Star Trek uniform.  Now this is something I'd completely forgotten about until earlier today when I was flipping backwards through my sketch book.  I'm not exactly sure why I abandoned the idea before launching the site, but I think it was because I figured that'd be too cliché or something (yeah, 'cause having a short, four-eyed computer geek hacker isn't cliché at all).

Anyway, for today's sketch I decided to put Grey back into uniform for what may be the very last time.  Enjoy.

Oh, and I've been giving serious thought about changing Noname's nose.  In the past I've messed around with some various other ways I could draw it instead, but nothing really took.  So just so you know Noname may end up looking a bit different in the next few weeks...or maybe not.  Who knows?

Wow, I can honestly say that pun was most certainly not intended...I think I need sleep.




0857 CST : Last time, I promise...

Hey folks.

Today is in fact the last day I will be accepting preorders for the Geek Tragedy T-shirts.  So if you haven't ordered already, it's pretty much do or go naked time.

And to all of you who did order shirts, thank you so very much!  I was a little worried that I wouldn't get the response I needed in order to make this doable, but y'all came through for me in a big way!

I'll be back later on with today's sketch.

Thanks again everyone!




09 / MAR / 06 - 1655 CST : "Paper / Plastic - Pt. VI"

It's up yo.

Off to bed.



1402 CST : And the winner is...

Well it looks like I'll be going with the next installment of "Paper / Plastic" for today's strip.  It should be up in a few hours or so.  Sorry about the delay, but when you have to switch directions midstream like I did with today's comic, it takes a little bit longer than usual to get to shore.

And no, it's not just you, that was in fact a pretty lousy metaphor which made little to no sense.

To help tie you over till the strip arrives here is today's voting sketch.

Much like with Manga, I've never been overly thrilled with how I've drawn Annie-May in the past.  Mostly this is because I can't draw anime type stuff worth a damn.  Unfortunately in order for her character to work visually I have to do just that.  And so I keep trying.  Here is my last attempt at it.


Alrighty, I'll catch you guys later when the strip is up.


0923 CST : One or the other...

Hey folks.

The "Geek Tragedy Auditions" strip that I was planning to post today isn't shaping up quite the way I'd imagined it.  So at this point I'm not sure if I'll be putting that one up today, or holding it off till Sunday and posting the next installment of "Paper / Plastic instead.  

I'll have a better idea by this afternoon, and will let you know which way I'm headed when I come back to give you a peek at the newest voting sketch.





08 / MAR / 06 - 1353 CST : Oops...

For those of you who voted in the past few minutes and found the BlueBird pic up instead of the possession one, sorry.  I forgot to update the voting screen.  It's up now though.  If you did miss it, don't worry.  It'll remain up for the next 24 hours.

And on a more personal note...

Tim, an answering machine only works if you hook it up to the damn phone! :P



1327 CST : A look into the future, both near and far...

(this'll be a long one, so I'm sorry for the typos that may run free and frolic around these parts till I get a chance to look it over again with slightly less tired eyes)  

First the sketch.

I've been trying to work out the best possible way to show what Casey looks like while he's in the midst of possessing someone.  Not only does this pic show just that, but it also gives you a glimpse at a future GT storyline that I've been planning for a while now.  I'm not exactly sure when I'll be inserting this tale into the strip's continuity, but it most likely won't be for a few months yet.   Hope you like it.

Neither paper, nor plastic...

For tomorrow's strip (and maybe even Sunday's) I'm going to be stepping away from the current story for a spell and instead take you back to the days before Geek Tragedy hit the web.  Being the first anniversary of the comic I thought maybe you'd like to see some of the folks that tried out for the strip's coveted fourth character spot (before Casey came along), but didn't quite make it.  


Forgive me Firefox people...

I've recently gained quite a few new viewers, and as such have been receiving a slight surge of feedback to my inbox.  One of the main concerns some of these people have been expressing is that different parts of the site are either a bit out of date and/or work and look less than perfect when viewed through Firefox browsers.

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently aware of this, and I apologize for it.  When I first built the site I had no idea that fully half of the people who showed up here would be using Firefox, and so I neglected to test the site using that browser.  I am however in the middle of revamping the site (it'll look quite similar to what it's like now, but will hopefully just function a whole lot better) and I plan to have the new design up and running by summer(ish).  At that point not only should Firefox onlookers be happier, but all out of date content should be brought up to speed once again.  Something that should make everyone a little happier.

In the mean time if there is something you think that could be improved as far as the site's structure goes, please don't hesitate to make a suggestion.  I'm always eager to hear what you guys have to say, and I'd rather hear it now rather than after I've finished the coding.

(Oh yeah, and I'm also well aware that my spelling and grammar is atrocious, so y'all can stop driving that point through my skull with a damn nail-gun now, okay?) 


This may never happen, but I'm all about false hope so...

Last, and potentially least, there is a chance that I could, maybe, possibly be trying out a five strip a week schedule for a couple weeks by the end of month.

Keep in mind though, nothing is set in stone!

If I do go to five days a week, this is what it'll most likely be like:  

-The first and last strip of the week will be the same full colour strips that you've come to expect.

-The three strips in the middle of the week will be black and white, and done in a sort of classic newspaper strip format.

-The colour strips will most likely have their own storyline separate from from the black and white strips, and vise versa.

-All the strips will still be done using Noname, Casey, Grey, Frank and Bo, but the black and white ones will focus mostly on Grey and Frank (in the beginning at least).

Remember though, if I discover over the next week or so that I can't handle that kind of work load along with my full-time job and non-existent social life, then I'm going to stick with three strips per week instead. 

Well there you have it folks.  I think I've jawed enough for one day.





07 / MAR / 06 - 1409 CST : "Paper / Plastic - Pt. V"

Today's strip (which should be the second last installment of "Paper / Plastic") manages to jump from Noname's thoughts on Ebay, to what his hopes and dreams are in regards to his future offspring's chosen life path.  I don't know, I think I kinda lost my grip on where I had wanted this storyline to go somewhere along the way.

But enough about that.  I'd like to take this moment to thank those of you who have been kind enough to vote and check out the daily sketch I've been doing.  Today's offering is an inked pic showing my current attempts to redesign BlueBird a bit.  I'm planning to have this coloured up later in the month to see how it looks, but for now I hope enjoy the black and white version.

Still haven't had a chance to get the shading done on the Superman / Vader strip.  If I get ahead of the game though I could have it done by this weekend.

What I have done though is update the "Of the Moment" box at long freakin' last!  You know I really do intend to do this at least once a week but it always slips my mind until someone e-mails me about it.  Anyway, click the box in the upper right hand corner and check out My Space : THE MOVIE.

And last but not least I have to mention the Geek Tragedy T-shirt pre-sale once again.  For those of you who still wanted T-shirts please remember that I have to give the screen printer the numbers on Saturday, so I'll need any orders to be in by Friday at the absolute latest.  So if you want to be sure to get a shirt in your size then that's the day to order by.  

I don't mean to be a tyrant about this, but I can't delay the order past the weekend as it's not fair to the folks who have already paid for their shirts.  After all they're expecting to get them near the end of the month, and I'd like to be able to deliver on that expectation.

Okay, that's enough from me for now.






06 / MAR / 06 - 1029 CST : Sleep first, then shade...

Hey folks.  I'm posting the new Vote sketch a bit earlier than usual because I desperately need some sleep right now and I have no idea when I'll be waking up.  

After I regain consciousness however (providing it's not a few minutes before I have to go to work) I'll start in on shading yesterday's strip right away.  Even if I don't get to it tonight though, I know I'll be going back to finish it this one up ASAP.  'Cause while it's not exactly the end of the world if I don't get a chance to shade some of the strips I do, I have a feeling this one in particular will look about a million time better for it.

Oh, and here's the vote pic.  It's one of the concept sketches from the revamped "Christmas Day of the Dead" comic that I'm currently working.  When I originally wrote that story out I had a fight scene between some of Santa's elite elvish guard and Sugarplum, but I ended up taking it out (along with many other parts of that tale) because I was running out of time.  This sketch shows one of the guard trying to get the drop on sugarplum.





05 / MAR / 06 - 1911 CST : "Paper / Plastic - Pt. IV"

Ugh!  It's been one of those days.

The strip is now up, and while it's not in black and white, it also hasn't been fully coloured yet either as I still need to do the shading on it.  I was hoping to be able to push on through till it was done, but I'm now like 4 hours away from having to go to work and I haven't slept yet so I'm thinking it'll just have to wait till tomorrow.

Okay, need sleep.



1346 CST : It's shaping up to be a black and white day...

The strip will be up later today.  Look for it around 2 or 3 hours from now.  Oh yeah, and when I do eventually get it posted it'll most likely be in black and white.  Sorry about that, but I ran into some technical problems that I had to direct some attention towards today that I hadn't planned on and it kinda ate up a bit of my comic time. I will however do my best to get the colours done tomorrow when I get home from work.

As for what the "technical problems" are, well anyone who has tried to e-mail me in the past 10 hours or so may have noticed that it gets bounced right back to them. That's because it would appear my e-mail addresses no longer exist in the eyes of the web despite the fact they still show up on my site's admin control panel.  Hopefully that'll be fixed up by my webhost sometime today though.

But enough about that, let's talk about the new voting sketch.

I've been trying my best to re-learn anatomy so that I can branch out from just doing the cartoony Geek Tragedy style stuff you see on the site.  Not that I don't love doing GT, it's just that I kinda like to try new things once and a while. Anyway, here is one of my more successful (or should I say, less painful to look at) attempts at drawing above my pay-grade.

I call it...I don't know...uh...Cyber-babe?  Is that a cliché enough thing for a guy to make up? 

Back later with the strip,




04 / MAR / 06 - 1347 CST : Forgotten genius...

I've got to start carrying a notepad or micro-recorder around with me everywhere I go.  I had what I thought would be a very funny storyline for the strip rolling around in my head almost the entire car ride home this morning, and now it's gone.  A complete mind-wipe!

I even remember thinking "Man, do I ever have to write this stuff down when I get home", then I must've seen a shiny object or something when I walked through the door and *poof*, all gone.  You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after I forgot the cure for genital herpes that one time, but no.  I tell ya I'm still kicking myself for that one.

Not that I personally would need a cure for...

Anyway, here is today's voting sketch.  Some of you might have guessed that I've got some odd obsession with dressing my characters up like superheroes.  That probably stems from my childhood when I wanted to grow up to be a member of the Green Lantern Corp.  Well here is yet another fine example of said obsession.

Frank, as Wolverine.





03 / MAR / 06 - 1345 CST : Theirs was a forbidden love...

Those of you who have been around the site for a while probably remember the "Crossing Genres" storyline that introduced Annie-May and her pet moogle Manga into the strip.  But if you're a newer viewer (welcome to the site btw) you may want to check out last year's archives to see what I'm talking about.

However, because I'm such a nice guy, allow me to help you out and show you what Manga the moogle looked like back then.

Yeah, I know.  Not so good.  

Regardless though I've been meaning to have her (yes, Manga is female...a femoogle...it's a she) and Annie-May pop back up in a storyline for a while now.  Which is exactly why revamping Manga has become one of my pet projects for the past few months.  

The following is an inked and coloured version of one of my many failed attempts to date.  Somewhere along the line I seemed to have turned her into some sort of bastardized Carebear.  Anyway, you can take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Okay, that's all till tomorrow.



0851 CST : Some thanks are in order...

Hey folks.

Just like to take a moment before I go ahead and make myself a delicious well balanced breakfast of hotdogs to pass along a bit of thanks to a few people.

Thanks to: 

Leone for once again catching a spelling mistake in the latest strip.   

To Julie for letting me know about a whole bunch of dead links in "The Strips" section of the "The Archives".

And a BIG thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered a Geek Tragedy T-shirt so far!  You're the best!  

Remember there is only a week left in the pre-order, and once that is done there will only be a very few T-shirts on top of that order made available for sale.  As well, it should be known that I won't be ordering in any extra of the "Ladies" shirts.  So if you're a lady, or maybe just a guy who likes to wear women's clothing (hey, we don't judge people here in the GT universe), and you'd like that particular style of shirt, now is the time to get your order(s) in. 

Okay, time for some processed meat covered in mustard!




02 / MAR / 06 - 1403 CST : "Paper / Plastic - Pt. III"

There are two bits of eye candy for you guys.

We got the newest strip and we have today's VOTE sketch.

Not much to say about the strip really.  Well, other than the fact that it contains the prettiest body waste receptacle that I've ever managed to draw in my entire life.  See, I knew those years in Fine Arts would pay off eventually.

I do have a little to say about the sketch though.  It's sort of a design sketch I did up for a possible future Geek Tragedy storyline.  And while I won't go into too much detail, I will give you this little snippet of it's back story...

Amongst pet shop owners the world over there is a tale told in only the most hushed of voices.  A tale about a ferret.  But not just any ferret.  A ferret of such supreme evil that one can only assume that as a pup it weaned from the diabolical fifth teat of Skippy the goat herself!

His name was Fuzzy Britches, and over the years he had many different owners.  None kept him for very long though, as those who bought him would either sense the wickedness that this creature held within him and give him up soon after bringing it into their homes...or else they'd die under the most mysterious and horrifying of circumstances.

OoOooh!  That's some scary stuff kids!

Anyway, here's the preview.  Please vote if you'd like to see the rest.





01 / MAR / 06 - 1234 CST : 


That's right folks, it was one year ago today that I unleashed my little bit of digital nonsense on the world.  Funny how at this moment my biggest thrill comes from the fact that the site is actually up and running again in time to see it happen.  Not exactly how I pictured it, but I'll take what I can get.

I've got a few things planned for this month to help start off my second year right.  First off I'm going to be posting some sort of GT related sketch every day this month for you folks to look at. Some of them will be in pencil, some in ink, some in colour...hell I may even go pre-school on your asses and do a bit of macaroni art or finger painting.  The point is, there will be something new for you to look at every damn day.

Which brings me to the catch.  You have to VOTE to see it!

But just so you know that your not wasting your valuable clicking time for some sort of stick figure I'll be putting up a teaser of the sketch for you to check out.  Like so:

Today's sketch is of Noname, The Dork Knight!

Also keep an eye out for:

A sort of "What it took me a year to learn" write up in the long neglected "With Apologies" section.

At least one new GT wallpaper for you to deface your computer screens with.

And of course new strips every Tues, Thurs, and Sunday.

Speaking of which, I may be playing around with the strip layouts a bit.  Not that I'm unhappy with the way they're currently set up, I just want to throw some stuff against the wall a couple times and see if anything sticks.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned lately that (WARNING: shameless swag pimpin' ahead) GT-shirts are up for pre-sale

I may have a few other things in store for this month, but I'll wait to see just how much spare time I actually end up having for the next few weeks.

Anyway, let me just take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! to each and every one of you who keeps coming back to visit.  After all, you're the ones who have helped to make Geek Tragedy worth doing for the past 12 months.

Well that's all for now guys.  I'm sure I'll be back soon to correct all my typos, but for now it's off to bed.





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