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October '06


31 / OCT / 06 - Good things come in threes...

Howdy folks.

Well I hope y'all enjoyed the Halloween strip as much as I enjoyed drawing it.  Y'know, it's nice to be able to look back at what I had to offer you guys last year and realize that I may actually be getting better at this art thing (and this is coming from someone who is most definitely his own worst critic).  But enough patting myself on the back, let's get to the news.

Finally, I get a seat at the table...

Some of you may have noticed this banner that's been up above the strips there advertising the Manitoba Comic Con.  Well for those of you who didn't already know I just wanted to mention that I will be attending said con this weekend as one of the guest artists.  This'll be the first con I've ever gone to specifically to try and pimp Geek Tragedy out to anyone who'll listen, so I'm pretty excited about the whole thing.

Now in true GT style I'm kinda behind on my prep work so I'm currently hauling ass to try and get my shit together for this weekend.  Still, I think I'll have everything done just in the knick of time.

So anyway, if you're in the area and you have a couple bucks to spare (and I mean that quite literally as admission to the con is only $2 per person), be sure to drop by my table and say hi!  I'll have the last few remaining T-shirts up for sale, some artwork for you to look at (both GT stuff and non-GT related stuff), and I may even be able to send a sketch or two your way as well.

And in case you're wondering which one I am, I'll be the pale tired looking dude with a black SNL hat on...oh yeah, I'll also be the one sitting behind a table with a Geek Tragedy logo on it.

But wait, there's more...

After the con is done for the day on Saturday, there will be a Geek Tragedy "Meet, greet, drink & eat" type of thing going down at one of the local bars.  It's gonna be a small, informal kinda gathering of friends and fans of both the site and comics in general to which anyone who'd like to come on down and stop by is welcome join.  Here is all the info you need to know:

Where : Tavern United (Garden City) @ 2100 Mcphillips St.

When : Saturday, Nov. 4th @ 8pm

Who : Anyone who wants to buy me a drink (or not).

Now my pal Corey (abodeofthedamned from the forum) is the guy who came up with the idea, so he's pretty much "the man" when it comes to this gathering (whether he wants to be or not).  So if you get there and you're not sure where we all are, just look for the 7 foot dude with a shaved head and a goatee who looks like he could crush you with his bare hands.  He wouldn't do that though, 'cause he's really got a heart of gold (which he won't be able to show you btw due to certain circulatory problems he encounters when it's removed).

Oh, and if you have any questions feel free to drop Corey or me a note here on the forum.

They grow up so fast...


Last, but not least I need to make note of the fact that today, aside from being Halloween, is a very special day.  'Cause today is the day that the art world got a huge freakin' shot in the arm so many, many, MANY  years ago thanks to the birth of one Lar deSouza!

Since I met Lar, I could always count on him for a lot of different things;  

Some well timed words of encouragement when I was feeling discouraged. The odd bit of Yoda like advice when I needed help.  And of course some very generous helpings of brilliant artwork when I was in a bind.  But more than anything else though, I always know I can count on him for this...

Despite the fact that I am a hairs breath away from saying goodbye to my twenties, and no matter how old I may get, I know I can count on the fact that Lar will always be waaaaaaay older than I am!  

Thanks Lar! (I kid because I love man...and because you live too far away to hunt me down...I hope)

Well that's all for me folks, I'm off to bed!





30 / OCT / 06 - 1649 CST : "Happy Halloween!"

I'll be back tomorrow to write more once I've had some sleep.






27 / OCT / 06 - 1708 CST : "Symbolic Gestures - Pt. II"

Like a lot of artists, I really hate doing backgrounds.  So a couple weeks ago when I came up with the idea for a strip that contains a joke that pretty much hinges on the background alone, I knew I was going to be in for a long boring day.  And sadly, I was right.

One of these days (maybe this weekend if I have time) I'll fill y'all into the process I've worked out for putting Casey into strips where he has people or objects showing through him, but for now let me just say that it can be a serious pain in the ass.  Still, whenever I see the finished product I tend to feel that it was well worth the trouble.

Unfortunately I don't really have much more to say about today's strip, so I'll take a brief moment to talk about what's coming up on Monday instead.  As most of you probably already now (at least those of you who celebrate this particular holiday) Halloween is on Tuesday.  And so, keeping with the tradition I started last year, I'll be breaking with the current story line for one day and throwing the GT crew into various costumes for your viewing enjoyment instead.  

Now I've pretty much worked out what they'll all be wearing, but if any of you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a note on the forum.  All I ask is that you try to come up with something that is both unique and a good fit for the character you'd like to wear that particular costume.  I can't say for sure that I'll use your idea, but who knows.  After all, I've been known to throw things into the strip or even rewrite a script in the past after someone wrote something that helped spark my creativity.

Well, that's all for now folks.  If I don't see drop by on the weekend, then I'll see y'all on Monday.




25 / OCT / 06 - 1548 CST : "Symbolic Gestures - Pt. I"

Yeah, I know making an emo joke is about as sporting as punching a kitten, but every comic is allowed at least one during their run.  Emo joke that is. No one should be given any kitten punching allowance.

Anyway, there are a few things I wanted to mention, so let's get to it.

It's like asking a girl to call you, but not giving her your number...

When I launched the new site design a couple of days ago I asked for any feedback, both good or bad, regarding what y'all thought.  Well I'm happy to say that almost all of your comments thus far have been rather positive.  However, it was also pointed out to me that I never bothered to give out an e-mail address to which you could send any feedback to.  And given the fact that I inadvertently removed all traces of my e-mail address from the site, I might have made it a bit difficult for some people to share their thoughts.  So if you'd like to contact me, you can click HERE, or on the little blog pic up in the top left corner there.

Hat hair...

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that I've revamped that part of the site.  I was told the last one I did looked more like Willem Dafoe then myself, so with any luck this one is a bit more me and a little less Green Goblin.  Also I wanted to point out that this is the first bit of art I've ever done using only a tablet.  Not sure if it really made that much of a difference to the look of my work, but then again maybe that's a good sign.

If you link them, you will come go...

I've added some more links to the new and shiny LINKS page, so you may want to check 'em out.  As well, there are a bunch more I plan to add in the future, but it seems that whenever I sit down to update that page I completely forget all the places I like to go.  Sort of like getting stage fright when you're using a communal urinal, only there's a lot less body fluid involved...usually.

Just because I wiped you from existence doesn't mean I don't love you...

I'd like to apologize once again for accidentally destroying 8 months worth of content and members from the forum.  However, I am happy to see that a few of you have since taken the time to join up again, and I will do what I can to restore your post counts if that sort of thing matters to you (and I can understand if it does).

And for those of you who have never joined up, well I'm thinking now is the perfect time to do so.  Who knows, you may even make a few posts or perhaps a couple friends.  And besides, if it wasn't what you thought it be, don't sweat it.  Knowing me I'll most likely just delete everyone again in another 8 months anyway, so it'll be like you were never there to begin with.

Her name is Tabitha by the way...

One last thing.  I received a lot of positive feedback about the "vampire hooker" character from the "Con Pros" story arc over the last couple of months, and I thank each and every one one of you who took the time to do so.  But on top of the feedback, I was also given some fan art from Pete over at Bardsworth which I had planned to post during my down time last week.  The only thing is, I totally forgot (sorry, Pete!).  However, it's up now, so please be sure to check it out!

Well that's it for me!





23 / OCT / 06 - 2103 CST : Good lord is work ever going to be fun tonight...

Yeah, I'm still awake.

Okay, here's the scoop with the forum.  Before I went ahead and published the new site design to the server I made sure I backed up everything that was currently there.  One of the files that I backed up was the database file for the forum.  

Bad news : It would appear that somewhere along the line the original database file on the server got totally screwed and that's what was causing the problems with the forum.

Good news : I figured out the problem, and used the backup copy to fix it.

Bad news : The backup copy is boned as well.

Good news : I have another copy of the database file on my computer that seems to work fine.

Bad news : It dates back to February of this year.

Which means of course the forum has done a time warp and so all posts made after Feb '06, as well as any records of anyone who has joined the forum since then have vanished.  

I'm thinking "oops"...doesn't really cover it here, does it?

Anyway, sorry for the troubles folks! I'll try to make it up to y'all, but there ain't really much I can do at this point...except maybe try and get at least two hours of sleep before I have to go to work.




1853 CST : One thing gets fixed, another thing breaks...

EDIT : Okay I lied. Firefox doesn't work either.  I think I know what the problem is though, so I should be able to fix it within the next 24 hours.  And yes, I should be in bed.

Okay, most of those broken links are working...but now the forum won't load for people using IE.  It does still seem to work for Firefox users though, so if you have that browser installed but never use it, I suggest you start.  However, if you want to be difficult and keep using IE, then I'll do my best to fix this problem by tomorrow.

Okay, in need sleep now.




1809 CST : The missing links...

Hey folks.  

Just wanted to let you know that I am now away of a whole whack of dead links and I am currently working hard to fix them.  They should all be repaired by tomorrow.



1743  CST : "We're back!"

Here it is folks, the new face of Geek Tragedy. Okay, so it's not exactly a "new" face as much as it is a nip and tuck of the old face, but you get the idea.

The last time I messed with the site design was just over a year ago, and despite the fact that I was learning everything from scratch, I don't think I did too bad of a job. However, I did make mistakes…A LOT of mistakes. For example, setting the site up in such a way that all of the content had to be changed individually page to page instead of across the board…not such a good idea. It meant if I needed to change a link in the navigation menu, or add / remove any banners, I had to do so one page at a time. And once your site hits the 100+ pages mark, that can be, as the French would say, "le gigantic pain in my freakin' ass."

Also, Firefox users (who make up almost half of the visitors to the site) will be pleased to know that this time around I made sure everything works with that browser. A task which on its own wasn't that difficult. The hard part came with making both Firefox and IE display the site the same way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those hardcore 'Kill Bill' folks that hates all things Microsoft, really I'm not. However I would kinda like it if IE, oh I don't know, interpreted code in some way that made the slightest bit of sense! I mean seriously, how someone can use a Microsoft program to create a website and then have a Microsoft created browser not display it the way it's supposed to is a total freakin' mystery to me! Especially when every other browser out there seems to have no problem whatsoever!

*sigh* Sorry, I'm just ranting here so I'll move on.

Now I won't go on about the new design forever, but there were a few things I wanted to make note of. First off, as you've no doubt already noticed the most current strip is now displayed here on the main page instead of in its own separate section. The reasoning behind this being that about half the traffic I receive to the site was heading directly to the "The Strip" page and never once dropping by here to check out any news that may have been posted. Some people have even told me that they never knew this page existed (which I admit to being kinda frustrated to hear). So even though I'm sure a lot of folks will just skip reading anything written here once they've checked out the strip anyway, at least now I know there's an outside chance that a few more people may take notice. Plus with the latest strip being right here, I think it'll make the need for me to write those repetitive "The strip is now up, and I'm off to bed now" posts obsolete.

As well, I should point out that not everything is fully up and running on the new design, and some content has yet to be brought over from the old one. Most notably being the "Meet the Geeks" and "Contact / Info" sections. Basically if you see a potential link that has been coloured black, that area hasn't gone live yet, but it should be up in the next few weeks.

The last thing I wanted to mention was about those small ad banners you see up and to your right. In case you were wondering, these are not paid advertisements. As it stands now I feel Geek Tragedy doesn't pull in enough of a readership to warrant trying to sell ad space directly to people. Granted I may be selling myself short here, but that's just how I see it. 'Cause when the day finally comes that I do start charging for ad or sponsor spots, I want it to be at a time when I can assure folks that they'll getting their money's worth. So for now I'll be using that space to promote various webcomics or what have you that I personally enjoy or feel deserves a bit of exposure. I'm not sure how often I'll be changing those banners, but it will most likely be once ever couple of weeks or so. And in case why you were wondering why I chose the ads I have up there now…

I put Theater Hopper up there partly because I quite enjoy Tom Brazelton's work, but also because he's currently doing a sales drive to help cover the cost of his latest book and I'd like to do what little I can to help out with that. Granted any traffic he may receive from here will be a drop in the bucket when compared to his numbers, but ever bit counts.

As for the Bardsworth banner, well not only am I fan of the comic, but Pete is friend who has done a lot to help me in the past. So I'm more than happy to return the favour in any way I possibly can.

Well that's about it folks. Feel free to take a look around at the new digs, and if you have a chance, let me know what you think. Your feedback will be much appreciated (even if, or should I say, especially if it's just to let me know about a dead link or some other problem).





22 / OCT / 06 - 1815 CST : One more time for old time sake...

Well folks, this will most likely be the last time I update the blog on the old site.  The new design, along with a new comic, will be put in place sometime tomorrow evening.

Now once it's up there will still be a few areas that I'll need to fill in with some content later on, but I'll talk more about that later.  One thing I would like to mention now is that if you've bookmarked "The Strip" page as your main entrance to the GT universe, then I suggest you update your links to the main page here.  The reason being is "The Strip" will no longer really exist past tomorrow.

Of course if you've bookmarked that page then I'm guessing you're not reading this right now anyway...oh well, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.

That's it for me, I'm off to bed.






21 / OCT / 06 - 1807 CST : Ten seconds of bitching and then I'll leave...


I admit that I'm not the greatest at webdesign, so maybe it's just me, but getting the same damn code to work right on both Firefox and IE has got to be the most frustrating thing on the planet!  It's like trying to get a fuckin' cobra to cuddle with a kitten!

And no, this is not my way of saying the site revamp will be late, it's just my way of saying the world is a screwed up place where shit just never seems to work the way it's supposed to!

Okay, my ten seconds are up.





20 / OCT / 06 - 1505 CST : Sketch and site update...

Hey folks!

Just popping by to let you know that the site revamp will be done on Monday, so you'll have a chance to see Geek Tragedy's new look very soon.  As well Monday will also mark the return of more GT strips.  The first offering that I'll be posting will be a bit more of a splash page then an actual strip, but after that I'll be jumping into a story arc titled "Symbolic Gestures".

In the mean time though, here are a few sketches I did of the core four characters (and Bojangles):


Once they're all inked up and coloured I plan to use them in various bits of promotional material, so I think you'll be seeing quite a lot of these pics in the future.

That's all for now guys.  I'll try to drop by over the weekend, but if I not, have a great weekend!



PS: Oh yeah, I'm also offering up a chance at 5 free bits of art over at the GT MySpace page...but there's a catch of course (isn't there always?).  You can check out the blog over there to see what I'm talking about.



18 / OCT / 06 - 2201 CST : Valleycon report...

Yes, even though I never did get around to doing one for Keycon '06, I have finally managed to sit my ass down and write a con report for last weekend's Valleycon in Fargo.  Unfortunately my partners in con crime Travis ("Vitamin-T" on the GT forum) and Steve (who goes by the handle...sigh..."Furburgler")  didn't get a whole lot of pictures this time around, but I'll do the best I can here with what I have. So here we go...

No Shatner, no problem...

I figured I'd address this right off the bat and get it out of the way.  

No, in the end William Shatner didn't end up attending the con.  However, I was happy to see that this fact seemed to have little or no affect on the folks who attended this year.  In truth I half expected to hear a lot of grumbling about Kirk's absence, but it really didn't appear to damper anyone's spirits over the weekend.

Instead everyone was more than happy to have a chance to meet and chat with this years media guests Gary Jones (SG-1), fellow Winnipegger Dean Haglund (X-Files / Lone Gunmen) , and Claudia Christian (Babylon 5 / too many movies to even try listing).  

Claudia Christian                       Dean Haglund                       Gary Jones


Of the three I have to say my personal favorite to meet was Claudia Christian.  Not to take anything away from Dean and Gary mind you, but as a fan of both Babylon 5 and beautiful women Claudia had an edge.  On top of which, she was just a really cool person to talk to (I had a chance to chat with her briefly in the hotel lounge as we were waiting for our drinks) and she certainly wasn't shy about milling around with the fans and checking out the con suites.  


Best new thing about this year's Valleycon...

Having the dealer's room in the same venue as the rest of the con.  To say this was more convenient would be a huge understatement.  Maybe for some folks it wasn't that big of a deal, but when you've got three guys who all want to do their own thing at times and you only one car to get around the city in, being able to just pop in and out of the dealer room without even leaving the hotel was a nice experience.


Best surprise about this years dealer's room...

More artists showing their work!

Last year there was only three or four artist showing there work. The year before that I'm told there was only one.  This year however there was what one might call the beginning of an actual artist's alley.  Or more of an artist's dogleg really as the tables kinda...never mind.

I don't think it'll really come as any great surprise for you guys to know that this is what I enjoy checking out the most when I come to cons. And this time around not only did I get to meet some artists who's work I've never had an opportunity to see before (Justin "Spanky" Cermack, Even Nelson, and Sherwin Schwartrock, who I don't have a link for, but given his fairly distinct last name I doubt you'll have any trouble tracking him down on the web), but I also got a chance to say hi to some folks who I haven't seen since last year.

Speaking of the folks I haven't seen since last year... 


Joe Rheault & Meg Mickelson

Joe (who's work you can check out on his myspace page) and Meg (also showing work on myspace) are a couple of talented artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota who each have very different styles and areas of interest when it comes to their work.  Joe's exists mainly within the world of action and adventure comics, while Meg's recent projects include illustrating a children's book and creating a series of portraits of famous women.  Aside from being artists, they're also a couple of really friendly and interesting people whom I enjoyed getting a chance to talk with again this year.

Artwork by Joe Rheault

Artwork by Meg Mickelson


It should also be noted that they've recently gotten engaged and will be getting married sometime next year.  Congratz you two!  Now I don't know if they plan to have children or not, but if they are, damn is that gonna be one talented kid!


Zach Miller & Taki Soma

I have such a high amount of respect for these two people both professionally and personally, so of course I was thrilled to have the chance to catch up a bit with them this year. Now I know you've heard me rave on about them in the past, but hopefully you haven't quite gotten your fill yet 'cause here comes some more.

I'm sure y'all know this already, but Zach Miller is the creative mastermind behind one of my favorite webcomics, Joe and Monkey.  A webcomic which by all rights should be one of the biggest one's out there at the moment.  Seriously, how this guy doesn't get PvP type numbers going to his site is a mystery to me.  

Zach was also one of the very first established webcomic artists that I ever had a chance to meet face to face, and once again this year he showed an amazing amount of patience with me as I proceeded to ask him a never ending stream of fanboyish type questions.

Zach Miller's Joe and Monkey in poster form!

"What do you use to ink the strip?"

"How do you go about making your merchandise?"

"Are you a boxers of briefs man?"

"Can you please just hold me and tell me my comic is good?"

By the way, he gives a very good hug.  Gentle, yet firm.

Anyway, if you haven't already, check out this man's strip!  Or buy one of his cool t-shirts.  Or better yet, buy me one of his cool t-shirts!



As for Taki Soma, well up until a month or so ago I always took comfort in knowing that despite the fact she is a much stronger artist than I am, at least we're not in the same field so I don't have to worry about competing with her.  Then of course she had to go and bust an artistic cap in my ass by launching her own webcomic called "You'll Never Die...".  A webcomic that, given how incredibly funny this woman is, I was surprised to find out had a rather serious tone to it.   There are only a few installments up at the moment, but it's still well worth checking out.

Taki Soma is much better at this art thing then I am.


Okay, I think I'm pushing the limit as to how long I should make this con report so lets just finish it up with a few quickies, shall we?


Favorite dealer table...

Switchplate by  Ramona.  Each switchplate she makes is one of a kinda, so you know you're getting something unique if you buy one. So if you get a chance, check her stuff out. I know I fully intend to send her off a few GT pics in the future so I can decorate my house with Noname, Frank and the boys.


Favorite non-alcohol related activity...

Getting a chance to ride a segway!  Kinda nerve racking when you're on it, but man is it ever fun!  

If you could read my mind, this is what you'd hear, "Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall!"


Favorite alcohol related activity...

Playing blackjack with my friends (two of the worst blackjack players you'll ever meet), and watching in amused horror as they doubled down on a 20 and a 17...and still managed to win their hands (the bastards!).

Travis "double-down" Walters and Steve "hit me till I bust" McClelland


Least favorite "tradition" that carried on from last year...

Having the person parked beside me at the hotel leave a huge freaking dent in the side of my car.  I'm giving serious thought to sticking little plaques by each of the dents that read "Valleycon '05" and "Valleycon '06". 


The two biggest  things about 'south of the border' that I once again forgot...

The beer is weak (but cheap), yet sweet mother of god do the bars ever give you a lot more when you order shots then they do here.  Seriously the shot glasses in the hotel lounge were like tumblers.  And I can only assume that the white line that runs around the side of them are there simply for decoration purposes and are in no way meant to be used as a gauge for measuring.


Favorite costume...

Belonged to the guy who was such a GT fan that he went as Frank dressed up as V.  Thanks for supporting the site man!

No really, it's Frank! 


Oddest observation made about the people who attended the con...

There must be some sort of correlation between Sci-fi and Fantasy fans and the need to grow facial hair.  At minimum it seemed that every second guy there had a full beard.  I don't know how I never noticed this before, but it's true.  I'm thinking there needs to be a University study conducted on this phenomenon.   

And last but not least...


The one thing I will never wear to a convention again...

My Green Lantern shirt.  I loved Green Lantern when I collected comics ten years ago or so, and I was happy to hear a lot of people at the con say stuff like "Hey, Cool shirt!"  and then walk on. But as the night progressed folks all of a sudden seemed to feel the need to play 'grill the drunk guy about all things Green Lantern'.  

Who was Green Lantern engaged to...What was the name of the alien who wore the ring before him...How many member are in the corps...Is Hal Jordan circumcised...

For the love of god people, it's a shirt! I use it to hide my nipples! That's all! You don't see me asking people trivia questions regarding The Battle of Trafalgar when I catch them wearing an Old Navy shirt, do you?

Okay, so it didn't really bother me that much, it just made me realize I've been away from comics waaaay too long.


That's all folks!

All in all I had a great time at the con.  However, next year I really hope to be part of the fine group of artists showing their work in the dealers room.  Even if I'm not though, if the last two years are any indication of what Valleycon is like, I'm sure I'll have more than enough fun just the same.


Oh, and I'd like to give a huge shout out to Tony Tilton and all the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to pull off another great con.  You make it well worth the trip across the border for me and my friends...but if my car gets dinged one more time, I'm sending you the bill!





17 / OCT / 06 - 1745 CST : Consider this a pre-view...

I've been given a few pics that were taken at the con, but at this point I'd kinda like to get some sleep.  So I'll have the report up tomorrow and just show you this little pic in the mean time...


Don't worry, this time I made sure we paid for the Pocky before he started to dig in.




1651 CST : Waiting on two things...

Hey folks.

I'm shooting for having a con report up by this evening, but before I can do it I need two things.  First, I need the eggs I ate an hour or so ago to stop making my stomach feel like they're trying to hatch into chickens inside there and peck their way out. Secondly, I need to grab some of the photo's my buddy Travis took at the con.

Also, I should mention that I'm pretty sure I lost a few of the business cards and / or links that I grabbed off of people at the con.  So if you're reading the con report and I haven't put a link up to your site or what have you when I said I would, I give you my most heartfelt apologies.  If you'd like though you can always e-mail me and give me the info that way. Or you can just say hi. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Alrighty folks, I'll be back in a few.



PS: For those of you looking for the newest strip, I just wanted to remind you that I am taking the week off from the comic so I can get the site redesign finished.  And by the way, if you ever have trouble sleeping or feel the need to slip into a coma or something, you'll be happy to know I've found the perfect answer to your problem.  It's called, "integrating 200+ comic strips into a new archive system."  Trust me, do this and you'll be out in no time.




16 / OCT / 06 - 1852 CST : Nothing to do with the site...

Nor does this have anything to do with Valleycon, but dear God did I ever need to share this with anyone who hasn't seen it yet! I tell ya, Spring just won't be able to get here soon enough!



1136 CST : Back from the valley...

Hey folks!

Just dropping by to let y'all know that I got back safe and sound from Valleycon yesterday evening, and to remind y'all that there won't be any new strips this week as I'll be busy getting the new site up and operational.  However, what I will be posting over the next few days is a write up about the con (no really, I mean it this time) some pictures, plus any other artwork that I happen to whip up during the week.  So hopefully you'll still find it worth your while to drop on by. 

I'll try my best to put something up later today, but given all the catching up I have to do from being away this weekend, along with what I'm hoping to accomplish with the site I can't promise anything. 

Anyway, I'll definitely have something for you to look at tomorrow, so I'll see ya then for sure.





13 / OCT / 06 - 0722 CST : "Con Pros - Pt. XXV"

And so we come to the end of the longest damn arc I've ever created since I helped Noah that one time back in the day.  (glory hog bastard took all the credit too!).

Well folks, I've gotta get my ass in gear and go get ready to head out to Valleycon this morning.  If you happen to be out there yourself and want to say hi...well I don't have a table at the con so maybe just look for the drunk guy who won't shut up about his silly little webcomic and that'll most likely be me.

As well, since I'll be out of town for the next couple of days, and given how difficult it was last year to find a computer with internet access, I most likely won't be able to approve any friends requests for the GT myspace till after I get back.  So if you sent a request or msg or comment that goes unanswered, don't feel like I'm ignoring you.  Okay so actually I will be ignoring you, but not because I want to.

Anyway, I really hope y'all got as much enjoyment from reading "Con Pros" as as I did writing/drawing it.  And remember I will be taking next week off from doing the strip to finish work on the site redesign.  I still hope to be posting some artwork for you to see throughout the week, but there won't be any new strips till Oct. 23rd.

Okay, that's all for me.  Have a great weekend everybody!






12 / OCT / 06 - 1117 CST : Please invade my personal (my)space...

Hey folks.

Just dropping by to let you know that I've finally taken the advice of some of you out there and put up a Geek Tragedy myspace page.  Not sure what'll come of it, but I've been told it's a great way to help spread the word about GT and get to know some of the folks who read it, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Now at the moment I've got a grand total of one friend up there (and no, it's not Tom as I kicked his ass to the curb already...that dude just bugs me), and I think Corey is getting kinda lonely.  So if you're on myspace, and you happen to like the comic, feel free to drop me a friends request.  In the mean time I'll be sending out requests of my own to some of you out there, so please don't snub me.  After all, I have a fragile ego and you could quite easily shatter my very soul.

Okay, now that I feel like a total friend begging whore, I think I'll get some work done on tomorrow's comic.





11 / OCT / 06 - 2129 CST : "Con Pros - Pt. XXIV"

The second last part of the "Con Pros" story arc is now up.

On a side note I'd just like to say that colouring a character that is dressed in all black is a lot more of a pain in that ass than one (mean me) might think.

Now I know I haven't really written much here as of late, and unfortunately today won't be any different.  However, next week when I take a week off from the strip, I'll do my best to fill this space up with words of all the colours of the rainbow!  But for now...



1551 CST : I like to sleep before I strip...

In case any of you were worried that there wasn't going to be an update today (and let's face it, after last weeks...uh..."creative" update schedule I can't really blame you) I just wanted to put your mind at ease.  Today's strip will be up, but most likely not till much later in the evening.

I'll be back then,





09 / OCT / 06 - 2147 CST : "Con Pros - Pt. XXIII"

Yes, I admit that it's rather self-indulgent when a webcomic creator produces a webcomic about webcomics, but it's been a long time for me so I think I'm entitled.

I'd love to write more, but my brain has pretty much turned to play dough at this point.  So I'm gonna have to take a rain cheque.



1833 CST : I need to marry a colourist...

Hey folks.  Just popping by to let you know that the strip is still in the works for today.  Actually it would've been up by now but I'm having a bitch of a time getting the third panel's colours / effects to look right.  You'll see what I'm talking about once it's up.






08 / OCT / 06 - 2245 CST : Turkey power!

Well I'm thinking I got a bit of extra energy from dinner tonight, because instead of feeling the need to take a nap before work I managed to get the shading done on the strip (and they say turkey makes you sleepy).  Now with any luck this week's strips should be posted on Mon, Wed, Fri like they're supposed to, so look for a new comic to be up tomorrow.

That's all for now guys.  I'm off to get ready for work.



1438 CST : "Con Pros - Pt. XXII (unshaded)"

Hey folks.

I've put the strip up now, but I haven't shaded it yet so unfortunately it looks pretty bland and crappy at the moment.  I'll finish it up just as soon as I can, but I've got to get ready to head out for Thanksgiving dinner tonight so I won't have the time to do it tonight. 

Speaking of the big bird day Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!

Well that's all for me.



0809 CST : Ow, ow, ow...

Spent all of yesterday moving my mother's furniture to her new place, and good lord am I ever sore today.  Still I'll have the next installment of Con Pros up later today, and then everything should be back on track with the updates for this coming week.

I'll drop by again when I've got the strip up.






06 / OCT / 06 - 1453 CST : "Con Pros - Pt. XXI"

Okay, the comic is finally up!

Now, if I can get the next one done this weekend, I'll have everything back on track for this storyline to end next Friday.  Bear with me here folks, it's been a rough week for getting the site stuff done, but I'm hoping I'm just about over the hump now.





05 / OCT / 06 - 1828 CST : Bad week...

Sorry folks.  I'll get it up as soon as I can after work tomorrow.


1543 CST : On the way...

Just letting y'all know that the comic is going to up today.  Just not sure yet if it'll be B&W for now, or in full colour.  Depends on how soon I run out of steam.





03 / OCT  / 06 - 1637 CST : Sleep is for pussies anyway...

I'm beginning to think that I've got serious guilt issues when it comes to this site, as it would appear I am incapable of falling asleep as long as I've got work left to do.  Hopefully now that the colours are done my subconscious will let me sleep.



1425 CST : The need for zzz's...

I'd like to get the colours finished and out of the way today, but I think I'd be doing myself a lot more good if I at least try to get a solid 7 or 8 hours sleep for a change instead of the 3 to 4 hour naps I've been allowing myself the past few days.  So look for the colours to done sometime in the early afternoon tomorrow.

Okay, time for bed.



1153 CST : "Con Pros - Pt. XX (B&W)"

Since I wasn't sure how long it'd take me to get the colours done for the strip, and seeing as how I've already kept y'all waiting an extra day for it, I figured I'd post a B&W version of it now.  I'll be sure to drop by again once the colours are done.





02 / OCT / 06 - 1549 CST : Off the pace...

Hey guys. 

The Friday / Saturday strip is now all coloured and up for y'all to see.  Unfortunately though, because I was so late getting that one finished up I've put myself a day behind on the comic schedule.  So for this week it looks like the updates will fall on Tues, Thurs, and Saturday.

Retiring the Con Pros...

Oh, and while I've got you here I wanted to mention a couple of things.  First off, unless I've screwed up my calculations, I figure next Friday's strip will mark the end of the 'Con Pros' storyline.  A storyline which, for those of you keeping score at home, is the single longest tale I've ever spun with the GT crew to date.  Now whenever I write a series of strips that goes beyond six parts, I'm always worried that maybe I'm dragging things out a bit too long and perhaps even boring you folks.  So you can imagine how hesitant I was to unleash this 25 part monstrosity on you guys (so hesitant in fact that I came damn close to ending it HERE instead). 

However, given the positive feedback I've received from a lot of you kind folks out there, I'm guessing I must have done something right.  Which means a lot to me by the way, as it really helps give me the confidence to try my hand at something like this again in the future.

'Cause sites don't redesign themselves...

The second thing I wanted to mention to all of you was that once I put 'Con Pros' to bed next week, I'll be taking a week off from doing the strip.  The main reasons for this is to give myself time to finally finish off and switch things over to the the new site design, and because I need a few extra days to get some stuff ready that I want to have done for the Manitoba Comic Con.

Luckily though a lot of the stuff I need to to do to get ready for the con involves banging out some new artwork, so while there won't be any strips that week, I will be throwing some other eye candy your way.

Well that's it for today.  But before I go, here's a sneak peek at one of the unfinished panels from the upcoming strip.





01 / OCT / 06 - 1226 CST : Plugging along...

Hey folks.

I'm working away on the colours for the last strip.  They're not quite done yet, but I figured I'd drop by and give you a preview of how they're coming along so far:

I'm always watching...

Something you may not know about me is that when it comes to the site I'm a total stat whore.  In fact, I don't think a single day has gone by since it's creation where I haven't checked the daily traffic / hits at least once or twice (and sadly, sometimes even more often than that).

One of my favorite areas to peruse within the stats are definitely the referrals. Mostly because I'm always curious to find out exactly how some of you happened by my little bit of digital nonsense.  So whenever one of you is kind enough to link to me from your livejournals, Myspace, personal site, on various forums or wherever, I want you to know that not only do I take notice, but I'm also very grateful!

I haven't done much in the the way of advertising in the past 6 months or so (something I know I have to work on), but despite that fact GT's readership continues grow (slowly, but surely).  And the main reason for that growth is you guys out there!  You folks are the lifeblood that fuels my motivation to keep doing the comic, and I thank you for it!  And aside from thanking you here and now, in the future I'm gonna try to do my best to drop those of who are spreading the GT word a more personal thank you.  Granted I don't know how I'm going to do that, but I'll try.

And on that note, I wanted to send a shout out to Jay (aka: Dripp from the GT forum) for this little bit of free propaganda he threw my way on YouTube.  Thanks man!

Returning the favor...

One of the biggest oversights I've made with the site so far is never getting around to putting up my own (working) links page.  After all, it's kinda hypocritical of me to be saying how great it is for others to link to me, when I've yet to return that favor on some sort of permanent basis.  Well I'm happy to say that once the new site design goes live (still not sure when that'll be, but I'm shooting for early November) my hypocrisy will be coming to an end.

Now I know it's not much, as the traffic that will be sent through these links will be much more of a trickle than a flood, but at least it's something, right?

Well That's all for now folks.  I'm hoping to have the rest of the colours finished up before I head to work tonight, but we'll see.





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